April 27th, 2011

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This is a recorded message.

Dan Lee-Archer is currently on Holidays. He drove over 1100kms (almost 700 miles) to surprise his parents and siblings for Easter. His brother and family lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and, and they had invited Dan’s parents, sister and brother to come up and stay. They booked flights and were looking forward to it. A few weeks later he invited Dan and his Princess’ to come up and they organised it as a surprise as it is not often a number of the Lee-Archer family get together. In fact this Easter trip brings 12 out of 19 of Dan’s immediate family together so it is really special.

Dan would love to bring you another exciting episode of The Thursday Blog but his niece and nephews are making pirate hats and he would love to join in. Instead he has organised a special Easter gift for you. A special screening of his latest joint project with creative genius Dave Wakerley – the short film ‘Had an Idea’:

Enjoy, Happy Easter and over this time please remember to

Have Fun.


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2 Responses to “Holidays”

  1. Crystal Card Says:

    We all need holidays and time with family! Enjoy and great video!

  2. Nathan Anderson Says:

    Hope your 700 mile Easter drive was eggsciting. (sorry, couldn’t resist). Fun video.

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