It’s the Final Countdown!!!!!!!

April 21st, 2011

Here is a really quick thought for you all that I wanted to explore. It is the state of mind someone is in when they are at the title of this episode:

It’s the Final Countdown!!!!!!!

I know what you are thinking

‘dada na ner’
‘dada na na ner
dada na ner
dada na na ner,  da ner,  da ner, da da da dada ner DA NEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!’

For those of you that are confused fast forward to the 37 second mark of this song:

So what are we talking about today? No this is not an episode about how you should all go to Europe (get it!!!! genius), but more about the season in life where you are facing The Final Countdown.

I have been working very very hard lately. In my spare time from being a loving husband and a father, creating world renowned productions, recording a side splitting radio show, and creating the life changing masterpiece that is the blog that you see before you; I have a little hobby. It is being an Assistant Bank Manager. This hobby has gone to a whole next level during the last month because my manager has been on holidays, leaving me to run the show for 5 weeks. This has been an exciting challenge but it has meant a lot of extra responsibility and work and that has been a challenge and something I had to simply throw myself into.

The first few weeks were tough as a lot of things were new and I tried very hard to get my head around it. Some of the new jobs were great and interesting but some of my jobs were hard and labourious. That’s what I thought at the start, but my point of view totally changed when I got to The Final Countdown.

I have been working very very very hard lately. In my other spare time from doing the above, I have been doing an exercise program called P90X. This is a DVD series by Tony Horton that trains everyday people to get fit and even features world famous Pam the Blam. Now this is something that one would purchase off TV but it is not like any other fitness thing I have seen. Why? Because it doesn’t say you can become perfectly fit and toned with just 5 mins a day in front of the TV. In fact this is a 90 program that is over an hour a day, 6 days a week, 90 hours in total of sweat dripping exercise. This is hard core – as Tony would say ‘THE X’ (he is the most annoying guy to listen to which is perfect because he distracts you from your world of pain).

Now over the last 90 days I have gone through a lot of emotions. Some of the exercises I was naturally good at and I kind of enjoyed, but most of it I found it really hard and labourious. Even one of them ‘Plyometrics’ which means ‘Jump Training’ holds the record of making me collapse and vomit the most. Out of 10 sessions, it happened 3 times. I struggled thorough some very tough times where I just wanted to give up, but my point of view totally changed when I reached ‘The Final Countdown’.

This week up to today was my last week at work until I have 5 days off over Easter and then my boss returns. This week I tackled my work in a totally different light. All of a sudden the hard tasks I didn’t like weren’t so bad and the things I liked I really enjoyed. All of a sudden I didn’t mind working late or tackling a difficult project. This is because I could see the end.

This week is the final week of my exercise program and I went about it in a whole new way. At spots where I would take extra breaks I wouldn’t take them; at times when I would use a small weight I would use a larger one; and I even started doing full chin ups without using a chair. I pushed myself harder than I had before because I had the end in sight.

Isn’t it amazing what you can do if you can just see the end in sight. They say that Jesus went through everything because of the joy set before Him. He could see the reward at the end and He paid the price He had to to get it.

Over this Easter I hope you realise no matter what season you are in there is always an end somewhere down the road and I hope it gives you the power to run towards it.

Have Fun.


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  1. Crystal Card Says:

    It’s easy to forget that ‘end’ since it has eluded us for so long. I appreciate reminders, thanks for the humorous mental images and great end point.

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