The healthy choice

April 14th, 2011

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Did you know that Thursday’s are extra special. Why? Because I also do a radio show for the best kidmin website in the world: You can find my show and many others just by clicking on it, on the righthand side of this page. Can you see the little radio player? No, down a bit, there you go. My show is called “FMD & Me” because each week I have a different guest host it with me, generally big name kidmin stars from around the world and occasionally Dave Wakerley. On today’s show (that is available on podcast on the little radio player on the right hand side of the page…… down a bit…….no too far, that thing right there); I had a story that I am going to expand on in today’s episode called:

The healthy choice

I am trying to be healthy.

Now this phrase is thrown around a lot in modern society, mostly when people order their coffee’s with skim milk, then proceed to order 13 cakes. For me, I am genuinely trying to be healthy. Those of you that are veteran subscribes of The Thursday Blog would known my story. In the final few days of 2009 a Wii Fit called me overweight and only 4 pounds off being obese. I had never been called these words before. The worst thing was that to rub it in the Wii then took my slim avatar I had created – my Mii, and before my very eyes made him put on weight to represent my current state of being. This hurt, a lot. Not as much pain as the Wii would of experienced when I hurled it off the balcony.

I then lost weight, it took me a year but I lost 20kg (45 pounds) so eating healthy is not about losing weight but maintaining. This is a much easier thing to do because I don’t have to go on a strict scientific diet where I count calories and I read the back of every product but I can make smart lifestyle choices. I tried to make one of these smart lifestyle choices when I was filming a short film with Dave and we needed food.

We needed takeout delivered and in the area our only real choice to deliver was pizza. Normally pizza is a no go zone for healthy choices but times have changed. A pizza company here has joined with “The Biggest Loser” TV show to create a ‘healthy choice’ pizza that is only 400 calories. It uses special bread to achieve this feat while still tasting great…. or so the advert says. I jumped online and placed my order.

As I was processing my request a pop up happened offering me a special deal on garlic bread. Now you can’t have pizza without garlic bread, it is like a crime against Italy. I had to add it to my order, plus I was being so healthy with my pizza I could afford to. But the garlic bread came with a bottle of coke. Hey we had to drink something, we can’t go thirsty, so that was added to the order.

I was just about to order and up pops a new product that I hadn’t heard of. A 6 pack of chocolate fudge brownies!!!! My mouth started to salivate. This is obviously not a smart life choice but hey, I was getting a healthy pizza, I deserved a treat if not a medal. One pack was added to my order.

Now I was ready to order and pay. The total came to $19.90 and as I pressed process it came up with an error ‘Minimal delivery order is $20’. I was 10 Australian cents short (or 10.04 American cents) and there was no way I could just give them the extra money to make it even. I needed to order something else. I thought “I suppose I need another 6 pack of brownies” so I added it to the order.

Finally the order was done but shortly after I received a call. It was the pizza shop telling me they were out of the special bread and couldn’t do my 400 calorie pizza – it would have to be a normal pizza. I was so devastated and I let them know that I was disappointed. They asked if they could do anything to make it up to me. I thought about it then said “throw in another 6 pack of brownies and we are even”.

Isn’t it funny how we focus on one little aspect of our lives and we judge everything else on it. I had one healthy choice then thought I could have a number of unhealthy choices and I was still being healthy. This is everywhere these days. People go to church or give to charity or don’t swear around their mother and feel that that is their ‘healthy choice’ while the rest of their lives is a 6 pack of brownies. Maybe, just maybe it is your job to be a Wii Fit and show them what they truly weigh.

Have Fun.


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  1. Crystal Card Says:

    Fantastic.. one question, if you wanted to toss the Wii Fit off the balcony, what will people do to someone addressing their ‘weight’?

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