So very very happy

April 6th, 2011

Hi there. I am so excited that you could join me today. I really mean it, seriously you are a superstar and the fact that your are reading it makes this world-famous blog even more famous. Come on, look at you, you are amazing, you are mind-blowing, you are so perfectly unique that unversities could be set up just to analyse and learn all that there is to learn about you. You are incredibly special and the value placed on even just a minute of your time is priceless. You are awesome and I thank you for joining me today. It is a very special day today and something has happened that has made me call the title of this episode:

So very very happy

Feeling so positive. Isn’t it amazing how a bit of positivity can change your outlook on things. Many a time I have taken you my reader for granted but armed with this positivity on board I could really see how amazing you are. Is that the lesson from today’s episode already in the first paragraph after the title? Maybe, that would be awesome!!!! Another incredible achievement for this fantastic blog (there is my positivity going again). I am actually feeling so positive that I don’t even know what the point of today’s episode. I just want to share with you what I have because I am so very very happy.

Have you ever counted your blessings? Not in a way Scrooge McDuck counts his money but in the way where you realise just how good God has been to you so far? I did it recently and I really needed to. In fact I did it in the absolute perfect timing, let me explain.

I have some very big ideas in what I want to do to have an impact on this world and bring glory to my God. These are big ideas and a lot of things need to fall into place from opportunity, to finances (and a lot of it), to partnerships created with people some of who I probably don’t even know right now. These dreams are slowly coming true but it is moving at a slow pace and sometimes I get tempted to get frustrated as I want them to come along now!!!

More importantly than my dreams above, I have other dreams for my family to also bring glory to God. This dream includes a number of children to join my Little Princess. The problem is that there are also a lot of things that need to fall into place for this to happen from housing (we live in a small apartment that we love but could not fit more than 2 children), to finances (and a lot of it), to even getting pregnant (which is not something you can take for granted). There are so many obstacles in the way of our dream and sometimes that can get you down.

So one day I counted what I have:

I have a God who loves me for who I am. Who delights in me and thinks I am the best. Who gave his most treasured possession away so He could adopt me and call me His own. My God died for me and I am so very blessed.

I have a Princess whose life mission is to love me. A best friend who wants to live with me through the good and the bad and is prepared to stand by my side. A partner in crime who looks at the beauty in life and will spends her days with me laughing in the sun. I am so very blessed.

I have a little Princess who is a fountain of joy. Who recognises my voice and has a smile saved for me. A life that I get to witness growing and developing into the person she is called to be. An open pair of arms wanting to be held, she has made me a daddy and I am so very blessed.

I am a part of a ministry that impacts thousands of children. That believes in generations and lifts high the name of Jesus. I serve under an amazing children’s pastor whose vision has the ability to impact the world and it does. I also get to work with a team of pastors, staff and volunteers that are second to none. I don’t take this opportunity lightly and I am so very blessed.

There are so many ways I am blessed. From my job that challenges me as well as provides an income to my family; my brothers and sisters, parents, and in-laws who all love us and are there for us. When thinking about all this I came to this conclusion. If this is all God wants me to do, to only stay at this level, to stay with one child, to stay maintaining the same ministry, then I would be so………………. very very happy. Sure I have dreams but if they fade away I will still be thankful everyday for what I have already been given.

It was when I got to that point that something amazing and very special happened, just 3 days ago…

and we are so very very happy.

Have Fun.


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8 Responses to “So very very happy”

  1. chantale Says:

    so very happy for you guys! joy! xx

  2. David Wakerley Says:

    Yay for the Lee-Archers!!!!!

    Bring on prince/cess number two!


  3. Cadu Says:

    Awesome! :)

  4. Crystal Card Says:

    WOW! How fantastic!!! Congrats! Hope your Princess has lots of encouragement and support as she grows this blessing!

  5. Megray Says:

    Congratulations (and it’s only Wednesday) does this mean Thursday blog is still to come?

  6. Sarah Thompson Says:

    Yay how exciting! congratulations!

  7. Glen Alan Woods Says:

    Congratulations! I am so very happy for you!

  8. Kenny Says:

    Woo hoo! Listened to the FMD & Me show today and heard about the stick your wife peed on! Ha! Hey, you don’t let anyone give you grief over that… I have a picture of every positive pregnancy test my wife has taken. I get it… it’s the only thing you can take a picture of until that first appointment. Congrats man!

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