Lousy Friends

March 31st, 2011

Hello and welcome to The Thursday Blog, or as it is commonly known in Africa “Tafadhali, naomba msaada” which means “The heart of a king”.

There was once a little lion cub that could speak. No one was amazed that the lion could speak but they all marvelled how much he sounded like a child star that made it big, on a TV show with a man made out of tools named Tim (who worked as a suit maker called Tim the Tool Man who is a Taylor); but as this child actor grew, sadly his career didn’t. This lion cub spent his days being being nursed by his mother, played with by his father, and regular lifted up in the air in front of a crowd of cheering animals by a strange monkey.

After running away from home because his evil uncle is a jerk leaving behind his mother, his best friend and the bird that sounds like the guy that does Mr Bean; he happens to meet two new characters that are way more interesting than him. After singing a catching tune together and walking through a waterfall that seems to magically age the lion cub but do nothing to his two friends, his past catches up with him. His best friend finds him and after thinking he was dead for so many years embraces him, and start to sing a song that Elton John taught them. She presents the lion with the news from home and his is faced with a dilemma. How in the world will he find the courage to face his past and become “the king I know he is, the king I see insiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide”. He needs a heart of a king.

Fortunately he was an email subscriber to The Thursday Blog and just got a new episode sent straight to his I-paw (see what I did there). The Thursday Blog is widely known around the world as your mid-week guide to life and luckily that week’s episode was titled “What to do if your uncle has taken over your kingdom and has make an alliance with the hyenas and needs to be overthrown”. It was exactly what he needed.

He ended up saving the day, marrying his best friend, and having children of his own who were in turn held up again by that strange monkey…all thanks to the Thursday Blog.

Well I think that is the end of the intro series. I always have said I will do the intro series until it completely ends out of hand then I need to move on. I think re-telling the story of “The Lion King” is the definition of letting it go out of hand.

No time for segue – today’s episode is called:

Lousy Friends

So I watched “The Social Network” the other night and I really enjoyed it. I quite often enjoy watching a movie with subtitles on because my Little Princess is usually asleep when we watch movies so it means we can keep the sound down. Plus I like to think it gives my brain a nice little bit of exercise when it would usually check out during a movie. This movie, did not let me use subtitles. Not because it wasn’t an option but because the main character talked so amazingly fast I couldn’t even skim read in time.

The movie was fascinating. Like most viewers of the film I had no idea how the internet giant ‘Facebook’ came about. I don’t have a facebook account (though I used to have Myspace) and I didn’t really know the difference until watching this movie. I just thought one was cool and the other deceased. It turns out not so.

If you haven’t watched the film I am not going to ruin it for you but I will say this. The man in the corner with the black helmet is actually his mate Luke’s father. Also the movie is set in a out-of-court hearing where the founder of Facebook is being sued by two different parties (his best and only real friend during school, the former CFO and 30% shareholder of the company; and a few college acquaintances).

The biggest thing that hit me about this movie was the founder Mark Zuckerberg. I have no idea if this was a realistic portrayal of the man but they showed a person that was so passionate about bringing life to his idea and vision and cared little about money or anything else. Where this has left him is with a massive amount of success, power and money and very little of everything else.

Money, power and success are lousy friends. If there is not a reason to obtain these things that doesn’t include using them to bless and share with those who you love – friends, family, partner, children, church members, or complete strangers; then they are not worth a single minute of your time.

Have Fun.


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2 Responses to “Lousy Friends”

  1. robyn blaikie collins Says:

    my six year old told me that she was naming her first son “oxapenya”

    i said what?
    my 10 year old explained by singing the beginning of the song when the lion cub is lifted to the sun…

    but in other news, she is an excellent friend.

  2. Crystal Card Says:

    I enjoyed your rendition of the Lion King better than Disney’s. If only they had told us the real secret to Simba’s success, The Thursday Blog. Thankfully, he wasn’t nearly as successful in fame and fortune as Zuckerburg, or he would have lost his odd but endearing friends.

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