Taking a walk on the other side

March 17th, 2011

Hello and welcome to The Thursday Blog, or as it is commonly known in Antarctica “gosh it is cold here”. There is no back story to that, that is generally all they ever say.

It is a Thursday night, I have just put my Little Princess down to bed and I am going to give my Princess a kiss and spend the rest of the night with her. But there is a problem…..My Princess is not here. Why? Because tonight I am:

Taking a walk on the other side

This week is the “Colour Your World” women’s conference in Sydney Australia, and my wife is attending as she does every year. This time last year my Little Princess was only 4 months old so she spent the whole conference with her mother whilst I entertained in the kids program. But this year it is different. This year she is going to the children’s program as well as spending a lot of time with her Daddy – who will be around performing. That is right, over the next 2 days and 3 nights I am playing full time Dad.

Now my wife will be around and will get to catch up with us in her breaks but I am going to make sure that she goes to all the conference; whilst I am around to visit my Little Princess, feed her, have lots of playtime, and of course be on-call for nappy/diaper changes. I am not one of those dad’s who is all macho and never changes them. I change them all the time, it is just that I am really not good at it. I always end up using half a packet of wipes and then make a mess on the change mat, her clothes, my hands etc. If I am lucky I am sometimes excused in the middle of the change. So I change them often but not as much as my Princess does, who not only can do it in half a second but also make origami out of it.

This will be a new experience for me. The most I have spent being the sole parent when my wife is away, is for half a day or maybe a night. This is because if we are ever apart my Little Princess generally goes with her mother. Why? Well if you have ever seen her as a mother you would agree. She is amazing. Just one look at my child and my wife can analyse her sleeping / eating / emotional / playing needs and automatically plan a schedule in her mind to ensure she receives all this and more. I on the other hand are constantly saying “are you hungry??? Are you thirsty???” only to hear my wife yell out from the other room “she’s done a poo!!!”

On the other hand I do have some insights of my own into my daughter’s life. I have an instinct of play. For example the other night we asked her to go and bring us a fish. No we didn’t expect her to put food on the table but go get one of her toy fish in her toy fish bowl. She is getting really smart every day and she knows what we mean; so she ran to the other room to grab one. This repeated two more times as that is the number of fish she owns. I then asked for anther fish and what she did astounded me. She walked over to the fish bowl, stuck her hand in, grabbed air and ran back to give it to me. It was so funny. So in turn I played along and said ‘thank you’ then looked down at my hand to see nothing was there and over-reacted saying “where did the fish go?????” to which she giggled with glee (I love that she gets jokes – so proud). Then she ran off to get another invisible fish. This repeated 15 times much to both of our amusement. I then asked her to go get mummy a fish. She repeated her little joke, getting a fake fish and giving it to mummy who simply thanked her. She waited for a reaction yet mummy forgot to give it to her. Mummy then asked for another fish (as per the game) to which she ran to the other room where the fish bowl was and started looking around the whole room for another fish. You could see that she though “gosh, mummy wants a real fish, where in the world will I find one!”

So I have one extra sense that my wife doesn’t have, compared to her 15, but I think we are a pretty amazing team. Every now and then I think it is important to take a walk on the other side to be able to appreciate what the other person in the team really does. This has three positives: 1. I can become even more in awe with the of the amazing job my Princess does everyday whilst I am at work. 2. I can spend some really special quality time with my Little Princess; and 3. I might finally after 16 months of having a child, get good at changing a nappy.

If you ever get a chance to walk in the shoes of someone you love, I would recommend you take the chance ………… said the guy before he threw himself in head-first :)

Have Fun.


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