Never a good time

February 17th, 2011

Hello and welcome to The Thursday Blog, or as it is commonly know in China as “haojiu bújiàn” which means ‘worth waiting for’.

Back in the days before the internet I used to run a postal service for those who wanted their fix of “Their Mid-Week Guide to Life”; none other than this blog. Due to massive demand and the fact that I didn’t own a xerox shop or a post office, I limited the mail service to one letter per country. Many countries had their unique way of getting the episode out to the masses but none more interesting than China’s. They all got in a line to read it!

This was obviously chaos with the number of people trying to line up, as it is impossible to be able to share with that many people; until a local boy came up with a solution: ‘Let’s build a structure that we can line up next too that will keep us all in line’. The people all agreed and got to work building ‘The Great Waiting Wall of China’.

Many years later when China worked out other countries were sharing The Thursday Blog in much more clever ways, like making copies and sending them to each town for a public reading in the town square, they were slightly embarrassed that they had lined up for years next to The Great Waiting Wall of China. To cover up their embarrassment they changed the name of the wall by dropping the word ‘waiting’, and made up some story that it was built to keep enemies out of China…

Gosh I love my intros. I hope you are enjoying them. For those new readers, every now and then I write on a intro series that usually involves an outrageously entertaining story. It is true sometimes that the intros get out of control, in fact one time I started with an intro and it took over the entire episode.

For some reason I can’t think of a segue and the intro has taken up 30% of the episode so I am just going to launch into the title which is:

Never a good time

Did you know that officially there are 8 days in every week. Somewhere hidden between 12:00am Monday to 11:59 pm Sunday is another day called ‘One Day’. This must be a very important day as this day gets assigned the most important life changing tasks.

“One day I will get fit”
“One day I will lose wieght”
“One day I will start a budget”
“One day I will ask her out on a date”
“One day I will start a blog”
“One day I will check out that church my friend goes to”
“One day I will take steps towards the career I want”

This One Day is an extremely important day. This one day could be the start of everything you have every wanted. If only you could find it.

Is my one day today to go on a diet? No it can’t be, I have a wedding to go to coming up and I can’t not eat there.
Is my one day today to start a budget? No it can’t be, my income is still changing from week to week, I will have to wait until I get a steady salary.
Is my one day today to ask that girl I really like on a date? No it can’t be, I haven’t gone on a diet or started a budget yet. I think I will just keep dropping hints for another 7 years.

Trust me, I know all of these reasons why today is not your one day because I have used them all myself. Last year was the first year I have taken positive steps in my health. I needed to lose 20 kg (44 pounds) and I had a detox diet book that I had read. I thought I would start it one day soon but one Sunday I woke up and surprised myself by saying “today is my one day”.

It was not a good time to do it. One of my closest friends was coming to visit me from Korea, and we had a big birthday bash on that weekend; but the fact of the matter is, there is never a good time. I started it and it was the start of my health journey. Recently I wanted to do some exercise and my friend lent me his copy of p90x, a 6 days a week program. I thought I would start it in a month or two, but he said he was going to repeat it starting that upcoming Monday. I started it and have been on it for the last 3 weeks but this week I got sick with the flu. I really needed to quit the program, wait until I was well and then restart again one day. The problem with that theory is, if I need to be able find 3 months of my life where I can guarantee perfect health I will never find it. So I stayed on the program, exercised not as hard but I did exercise; and I have gotten through the flu.

There will never be a good time to start what you want to do in life, so you might as well start it now. One day could be today.

Have Fun.


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2 Responses to “Never a good time”

  1. samw Says:

    One day I will leave a comment on the world-famous Thursday Blog. ;)

    Got me thinking what “One Day’s” I’ve got going on!
    Good thought provoking and humour as always! :)

  2. Jeff Says:

    Great post Dan. I’m having a similar problem with my weight too and have decided that 2011 is my “One Day” to actually do something about it. So far I’ve lost 15lbs and have another 30lbs to go. Thanks for the encouragement and motivation to keep going when it’s tough.

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