The Price Paid Determines the Value

February 10th, 2011

Hello and welcome to The Thursday Blog, or more commonly know in French as “Je pense que ce vin a déjà ete bu” which means “the powerful pacifier”.

Yes in France they have been using The Thursday Blog as a way to pacify any anger and to help them become really relaxed and awesome people to hang out with. So all these stereotypes of the French being rude is totally untrue…… for those of them that have an internet connection.

Now I like to think that I live an adventurous life. Even though some of my days are simply waking up, going to work, coming home, eating throughout the day and spending time with my family; I do not discount these days as even the simple days are an adventure (especially when it come to spending time with my family). One of the rewards of adventure is I get to meet incredible people with simple stories that are nothing less than inspiring. I met such a person this week and that brings us to our episode called:

“The Price Paid Determines the Value”

Where did I come from, where did I go? Cotton Eye Joe

I met a man this week. There was nothing about this person that would stick out in your mind until you heard his story. He was in need of a bank cheque and seeing  that I work in a bank the decision to come to my work was a good one. He was being served and I struck up a conversation after he said ” This is the last and final payment. It feels so good”. I questioned him what he meant and the story was incredible.

Before we go there, let me take you back to the year 1999 between the battle of the Sony PlayStation and the Nintendo 64. I know the 64 have Mario 64, Mario Cart and Golden Eye; but by the time I was looking to buy one, the PlayStation had won the fight and was the cool thing to own and I wanted to buy one. Now most 16 year olds would acquire this by doing the strenuous act of asking for it as a present. This had worked for years and for some it still works today. For me, I did not have that option. Why? Because the PlayStation cost much more than around the $50 that we worked out that our parents were spending on us for a present. My parents brought up 6 children with only one income and did a pretty incredible job of it. I loved everything they gave me, not just the presents.

So I simply couldn’t ask for a PlayStation. I was going to have to buy it myself. I had a small job at Kmart earning $6 per hour which meant I only had to work 83 hours to get enough money for it. Seeing I was getting 4 hours per week this took a bit of time. Throw in my life savings, as well as every bit of money I received from my birthday; and I finally had enough money to buy a PlayStation. The day I bought it was magical and I enjoyed the living daylights out of that machine. I got so much value out of it. A friend of mine got given one, with a bunch of games for his birthday and a few months later it was collecting dust. He was excited for it, but his one wasn’t as valuable as mine.

When someone wants to borrow money for a house the bank does a valuation on the house and then will lend a certain percent of the property’s value. Now no matter what the valuation says, if the person buys the house for less, the expert valuation is disregarded. So if a house is valued at $500,000 and it is bought for $450,000, the value of the house is $450,000. Why? Because the value of something is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it.

Back to the man I met in the bank. He told me his son is in a choir and was asked to go on a trip to America to sing at Disneyland. His son was so excited but the trip was really expensive and his family didn’t have that type of money. That is where his dad stepped in. The man in front of me sold chocolates, door to door, 5 nights a week to fundraise enough money for his son and his family to go on the trip. He did this for 8 months and raised over $10,000 so his family could see the son live out his dream.

Two men are standing in a crowd watching their sons sing beautifully to the audience at Disneyland. One of them heard about the trip 9 months ago and wrote a cheque for the full amount and forgot about it. He is now really enjoying this experience with his son. Next to him is the man that worked for endless hours to scrap every cent to get here. To him, this experience is Priceless.

Have Fun.


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