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February 3rd, 2011

Hello and welcome to The Thursday Blog, or more commonly know in Japanese as “Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu”.

The direct translation of this means “words for wisdom from the water”. This name for The Thursday Blog came thousands and thousands of hours ago when local fishermen were having trouble doing the one thing listed on their job description: catch fish! They tried for months to come up with inventive ways to catch the fish yet none prevailed. Beaten and bemused they went home.

Son of fisherman Steve (an extremely Japanese name), suggested that they seek guidance from a certain blog that claimed to be ‘your mid-week guide to life’. After reading a very good episode, inspiration hit Steve. He jumped to his feet saying “I know what to do!!!!!” In his haste he knocked over the computer and it landed in a fish tank, electrocuting all of his fish. The whole family gasped until Steve broke the silence by saying “that could also work”.

The whole town celebrated on the day of the unveiling of the three-story computer, with a mouse the size of a double-decker bus and a keyboard the size of a football field. It was connected to a gigantic power source that provided the 1.21 gigawatts of power needed to fire up the computer and keep Doc and Marty McFly happy. To the cheers of the crowd the cover was removed to reveal the computer and upon it’s screen in all its glory was none other than The Thursday Blog. The crowd erupted, then pushed the computer into the water and celebrated the biggest catch of fish in human history.

Ladies and Gentlemen………… WE HAVE A NEW INTRO SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it is set to be a silly one with more outrageous stories than ever plus it doesn’t bring us to today’s episode topic:

Creativity Curls

So I have and will be talking about exercise a lot for one major reason. I HAVE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE!!!!! In the last 10 days I have done over 10 hours of exercise. I worked out last year I did about 60 hours of exercise, 40 of those hours were on a Wii Fit which was made up of a lot of the soccer headbutting game. I am on this program for the next 80 days so stay tuned for some more delightful insights to the world of exercise where I am currently on a generic vs rogaine visitor’s visa.

The concept of exercise is very simple. If you use a muscle it will grow, if you don’t it does not. So this got me thinking whilst I was crying in the downward facing dog on yoga day, what else do I need to exercise so it can grow? One big area is my creativity.

I am fairly well know for my creativity and for some reason this encourages certain people to tell me that they are just not that way inclined, and I was probably born with a gift that when they went to purchase it was sold out. But what is the difference between where they are at now with their creativity, to where I am at now with my fitness?? I could look at Tony Horton (the crazy guy on the exercise DVD that even though I have never met, I tell to shut up on a regular basis); and say “I am just not that way inclined”. The difference between me and him is that he has done more exercise and the same goes with creativity.

I thought I was creative until I started to write a blog. Gosh it has been hard sometimes but I have exercised it and I am so much better than I was. Recently I took another step and started a radio show on Cmconnect. My first show was amazing but I am coming up to my third and things are looking up. It is forcing me to go to another level. It doesn’t even have to be a massive thing. I like writing an intro series as it gives me a chance to exercise my creativity, do some creativity curls, and come up with some out-there stories.

So why don’t you try some of these creativity exercise curls:

*Start a blog
*Make up a bedtime story for your children
*Write a parody (a well know song with the words changed)
*Cook dinner without a cook book
*Make up a random fact and see if anyone can pick that it is made up
*Give people nick names.

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you take the opportunity to engage your creativity. The benefit is one day when you are on stage, or in front of friends, or asked to come up with something quickly you will be amazed at what you can come up with.

Have Fun.


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  1. robyn blaikie collins Says:

    nice blog dan. and good tidings on the workout plan… you will do it… since you keep putting it out there and inviting accountabliity, evidence that you “mean it this time!”

    wonder what song i’m going to parody… about to spend 21 hours on a plane on the way to chiang mai… i’ll keep that on the list of brain infusers!!

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