The Credibility of the Con Artist

January 27th, 2011

Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode of The Thursday Blog.

I am sore.

The reason I am sore is I started an exercise program on Monday that is considered by me to be in the category of “Hard Core”. It is close to 90 minutes of exercise a day for 6 days a week, for 90 days. I started on Monday and by Tuesday my body was aching and it is now Thursday and it is still sore.

This whole thing is in the aim to get fit. Last year was a real breakthrough year as I started to take health seriously. I lost over 20 kg (44 lb) in the year and got myself to a very healthy weight. This year I thought I would slowly increase my exercise but it seems once again I have thrown myself into the deep end. This time last year instead of slowly watching what I eat; I did a 10 day detox which was no meat, no bread or any grains, no dairy, no eggs, no sugar and no fun. It was very hard but it worked.

So what made me choose to get into this exercise? Well my friend Dave Wakerley which many of you know, had just finished the 90 day program and I saw him at camp with his shirt off. All I could say was wow. Once a tubby bald guy, he had changed into a lean, muscley monster…. who was still bald. I looked and I was coverted my neighbour …. the Ox.

All this exercise, weight loss and dieting bring up a massive market that is the topic for today’s episode called:

The Credibility of the Con Artist.

Weight-loss and fitness is a massive industry. New Years is a gold mine for gyms as January is packed to the rafters but come March the place is empty, while those fat cat gym owners laugh it up. Well they are probably lean cats seeing they have free gym memberships. For about a year I sponsored a local gym with regular payments, not going but still supporting (as per my contract) only to finally to cancel the membership and then sponsor a child from World Vision which made me feel better and cost less.

But today’s episode is not against the gym because the gym is just a place with equipment where you can exercise and if you exercise you will get fit. The reason it doesn’t work is because we don’t go. My topic is the downright scams that I absolutely can’t believe exist. I was watching television and on came an advertisement for “Celebrity Legs”:

‘Did you know that underneath your fat and flabby legs are those gorgeous celebrity legs’

No……. really!!!!! Go on!!!!

‘So all you have to do is get rid of the fat to have the legs you have always wanted’

Wow…. it is so simple. Why didn’t anyone else think of that???0

‘Take the celebrity legs pill and the fat will fall off just like it is doing in this cheap flash animation’

YESSSSS!!!! I want my legs to become like that cheap animation. When can I order?

‘Order now!!!’

I have one question for this company Celebrity Legs. I understand you have testemonials, I understand you have statistics, I understand you will throw in an extra box if I pay on a credit card; but what I don’t understand is this: if this really works then WHY ARE YOU NOT THE RICHEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Seriously, you are advertising on a day-time, pay TV channel and you are demonstrating with a flash animation!!!! If this really worked you wouldn’t have to advertise, every person in every store would be raving about it. There is no way this would work, what they are saying does not match up to who they are.

It always make me laugh seeing signs on the side of the road, written in black marker on a piece of cardboard ‘Work from Home!!!!!! Earn Thousands a week!!!!’. If that were true you could afford a proper sign. Or those accounts on Twitter – ‘Sign up and get hundreds of followers each week’ and you click on their profile and they have 2 followers themselves. These are just not credible people but simply con-artists.

So the challenge is: are the words that you say backed-up with the evidence in your life?

If you speak on joy can it be found in your house. If you speak on love will words of hate be absent. If you speak of peace will you sleep through a storm.

The funniest thing about these scams is you don’t have to look very hard to find out that they are not what they say. I hope that someone would have to gather a crack team of detectives to try and catch you out, only to find that your yes mean yes, your no means no and you are not a con-artist.

Have Fun.


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2 Responses to “The Credibility of the Con Artist”

  1. robyn blaikie collins Says:

    ah. are you doing p90x… because it can really rock your world and make you angry, while making you fit.

    that aside… so true. what you are saying. empty promises are everywhere, and we know the place and person that keeps all of his promises… makes you sad for those who dont know him, but is also a great reminder that we have the answer.

  2. KiDs Beach Club Says:

    ^ My friend does P90X and has an awesome physique.

    But, on the other hand, most of the time we have to be mindful of these con artists. Not just on television but in our personal lives, Jesus is the only way and we are lead astray by “con artists” not doing his work.

    God bless.

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