Pure Passion

January 20th, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog.

I am not going to lie to you, i just made a million dollars on the share market. Wait, I just lied to you, darn it. But I guarantee that my next sentence will be 100% true but I can’t vouch for any other sentences after that. I am at SUMMERCAMP!!!!!!!! I am also the King of England.

I know a large number of people reading this are currently stuck in a very cold winter but over in Australia we are in the middle of a beautiful summer which means….. SUMMERCAMP. Every year we attempt to do the insane as we take our kids away for a few days and see what happens. This means plenty of energy, screaming and waterbombs. If you can’t walk from your cabin to the lunch hall without getting hit with 483 litres of water then you know you are at summercamp. You also know you are at summercamp when you encounter today’s episode title:

Pure Passion

Now I have been a part of Christan camps for over 14 years. I made a choice to become a Christian at Camp Clayton, cabin one, in the toliet. Since then I kept going to these camps as a student and then a leader for the next 5 years. I then moved to Sydney and I thought I would have to leave camps behind; but it followed me as I got involved in youth camps. By the time I finished with youth, kids started camps. I absolutely love it.

A youth leader came up to me on Sunday and he told me his good news. He had just been made a tribal leader, which is a volunteer leader of leaders posistion in our youth ministry. My Princess and I had been tribal leaders for years so he asked for some advice on what to do on camp. He would have 10 leaders who work for him and 50-100 students that are his responsibiltiy, and he wanted to make sure he really set up his team for the year. He asked what he needed to do and I told him he needed one thing: Pure Passion.

Have you ever seen someone so extremely passionate? It may be at a sporting event, or playing a game, or even in worship. Often the greater the level of passion the weirder the person looks on paper but somehow it seems to fit. You go to a football game (I used football as it means many sports depending who is reading it), and you see the person beside you with his face painted his teams’ colours, screaming instuctions at the players. Now this is just weird, the chances of the players hearing him are extremely low. But even if they did the chances of them listening are even lower.

“We need to pass the ball more on the left side”
“Why is that? Will that set us up better to score? Or are we targeting a player?”
“No, that guy 16 rows back reckons it’s a good idea”

So do we shun the passionate supporter and make them stand in a seperate stadium? No, in fact you cannot but help be influenced by them, so you get into the game as well. At camp we seperate teams which we call tribes, and they play a game at the start of the service called a Tribal War. Here is where we ask our leaders to get into it with pure passion. They scream, they jump, they paint their faces, they argue with the referee and they cheer for their team with everything they have. For that game, their team is the most important thing in the world.

Now here is the kicker. The kids don’t really know why the leaders are so passionate but they go along for the ride for it is impossible not to. They have seen their leader get so passionate over a little game that really isn’t that important and then that same leader looks at that child and says ‘That is nothing compared to how passionate I am about you’.

If you can model what you are willing to do for something you believe in not matter how trival, how much more will those in your life believe that you will not hold back when it comes to them.

Have Fun.


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