The Real Problem

January 6th, 2011

Hello everyone and welcome to The Thursday Blog.

What a perfect evening. I got home to see my Little Princess’ face covered entirely with spaghetti bolognaise and I marvelled “wow, she is really starting to get darker skin”. After a quick bath my completely white child returned to me dashing the hopes that today was the day she would take on My Princess’ beautiful slightly tanned skin. For those of you who don’t know my Princess she is half Indian and half English and she definitely proves without a doubt the saying “Half-ies are hot”!

After getting many kisses from my Little Princess (mainly because I say constantly “kiss for daddy?”) we put her to bed and I spent the rest of my evening with my Princess who as described earlier, is hot.

Now is the right setting to ponder on a deep topic. So those who are just after a laugh I hear that NBC is showing re-runs of The Cosby Show. This topic is rated S for Spiritual and it may contain frequent God references, adult themes (about life) and potential mild hallelujahs. The topic is called:

“The Real Problem”

Hi there. Good work, you found me again. Maybe i should change spots.

So I found a song on my ipod. In fact I found it live on a social experiment I did on this very blog. The song is called ‘You Found Me’ by The Fray. Now I have done no research on the band but all I knew was the song was a hit and it was about God. I automatically assumed this was a good thing.

Then I heard the lyrics!!!!!

And I heard that it was not painting God in a good light and that the songwriter that wrote this and their families and family’s families will all go to …………. KFC for some chicken.

Did I scare anyone that I was going to get holier than thou?

So I listen to the lyrics and it tells an incredible story. It talks about a man who finally finds God after many years of needing him. They meet in casual circumstances and he questions God who humbly invites him to ask anything. It then launches powerfully into the man crying ‘where were you’. The chorus is a split picture. On one side it states that God found him when he was ‘lost and insecure, lying on the floor’ then turns around by questioning ‘why did you have to wait’ and laments ‘you were just a little late’.

The second verse really gets me. The man talks about a love, a woman in his life that meant everything to him. She was the only one that knew ‘who I am, who I’m not and who I want to be’. I am unsure of what happened to the woman but he implies that she has been lost and that was the point where God missed his chance.

This song really hit me one day as I had it on repeat on my ride to work. I was overcome by the man’s sadness and I felt his pain. But what really hit me was his conversation with God.

Now if you are not a Christian let me bring you up to speed. God loves you as a father loves his child yet so much more. He wants to have everything to do with you and wants to be there for you every step of the way. Through every tough time and though every joy. He has done everything he can to spend His days with you and He is waiting, excited, expectant like a little child waiting for his birthday…all for the day when you step towards Him and let Him in.

Now here is the problem highlighted in the song. People don’t have trouble believing in God but instead find it extremely difficult to believe that God believes in them.

As a Christian our time should not be spent in arguing the existence of God. Deep down people know He is real. Rather we should invest our time to show the world that God really loves them and is waiting at every corner, every cross road, every bus stop waiting for them to invite Him on their journey.

Have Fun


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  1. Travis Says:

    I remember when this song was a hit, our youth ministry did an outreach night based around this song. The bit that I took away from it was that line towards the end of the chorus, ‘where were you? / Just a little late’. That line got whoever was speaking at this event talking… God is never late. It might seem like he’s late or not even there, but he’s there. His timing is perfect.

    Unrelated: how long had you been waiting to use the phrase ‘halfies are hot’?

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