The Ghost of New Year’s Eve Past

December 30th, 2010

Hello and Welcome to the last Thursday Blog for 2011.

We are only 1 night away from New Year’s Eve and I can’t help but ponder New Year’s Eves’ of the past and that pondering is turning into a series of flashbacks which is turning into a nice little episode called:

“The Ghost of New Year’s Eve Past”

3,2,1…… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

New Year’s Eve Number 1
I don’t remember much as I was 5 months old but I assume that I had a great time though I may of had a bit too much milk to drink.

New Year’s Eve Number 6
This is the first New Year’s Eve I remember. We went to a party with my family though I have no idea who the hosts were or if we have anything to do with them anymore. My whole night could be summed up by this: there was a boxing game on a commodore 64 that I had to wait forever for the host kid and my brother to stop playing to have a go and then I couldn’t get past the first round; there was an older girl who was asking people how many mosquito bites they have ever gotten at once then proudly showing her 106 bites she had just gotten (I remember feeling jealous but upon reflection at a later date I was quite glad I never followed in her footsteps); there was also a countdown show on TV which I fell asleep watching, only to be woken up to shouts of ‘Happy New Year’ and then I turned over and fell back asleep.

New Year’s Eve Number 17
This could of been one of the most memorable New Year’s Eve the world had ever seen. It was the end of 1999 and the start of 2000 and the destruction of the earth because a few people’s desktop computers couldn’t count over 2 digits. I was at a big event at Ulverstone, Tasmania where they were bragging about having one massive firework clock worth $10,000 (I remember feeling impressed but later I realised that in the firework circles 10k is not a lot of money). The countdown happened and the fireworks started and to their credit the display was quite impressive though it was building up to the massive clock to be set off. I was informed that the arms of the clock would spin and fireworks would shoot out of it in every direction. The sky fireworks stopped, all eyes were on the clock – which proceeded to spark, fizz, then die. Finally to top things off the whole world didn’t collapse with the Y2k bug. Disappointment all round.

New Years Eve Number 18
The Ulverstone fireworks disappointment was nothing compared to what happened in Hobart the following year. Seeing Hobart is Tasmania’s capital city the fireworks are the best you will find in the state and that year it was incredible. My only criticism is that due to a technical error and to the shock of the public, the display went off 17 minutes before midnight. There is nothing quite like the look of thousands of people in the light of exploding fireworks checking their watches and looking confused. By the time midnight came, there was a half hearted countdown and when we all yelled out “Happy New Year” nothing happened!

New Year’s Eve Number 22
I was back in Hobart but this time with my girlfriend and her family who decided to holiday in Tasmania and catch up with me whilst I was down there. Now it is always a foolish move to talk about old girlfriends when your wife is around but I can’t get this one out of my head. She was incredible, absolutely amazing and super pretty. Seeing I only had one girlfriend after I was 16 who turned into my wife you can breathe easy. I am talking about My Princess. I was very excited to spend New Year’s Eve with them but I woke up a few days before terribly sick. I went to a doctor who said I had tonsillitis and proceeded to give me a huge needle in my backside. I was then put on a bus back to my hometown in Devonport and enjoyed a 4 hour trip sitting on one check as the other one was sore. I was asleep that New Year’s Eve at 9pm.

New Year’s Eve Number 24
My first New Year’s Eve in Sydney and I wanted to see the world-famous fireworks. My Princess though had to work overnight at the hospital. Seeing time with My Princess is so much better than fireworks, I arrived at her ward with non-alcoholic champagne at 11:57pm and celebrated the New Year by watching fireworks on their TV. How romantic.

New Year’s Eve Number 28 (Tomorrow)
I am in Tasmania once again with My Princess and Little Princess. We usually go to Hobart for the big celebration but this year we had a better idea. We decided to stay around my family. My sister is still over from Melbourne and my other sister and her family are here from Launceston plus of course my Mum and Dad. We have absolutely no plans, no party, no fireworks, no chips and dip; but I am extremely looking forward to it. This night is not about what you do but who you do it with.

No matter what you are doing this New Year’s Eve I pray that you are surrounded by people who you love because they are the ones you want to take into 2011.

Have Fun and Happy New Year.


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