Hello End of the road, where have you been?

December 16th, 2010

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me for another amazing episode of The Thursday Blog.

What a year this has been. I know it may sound a bit premature talking about the end of the year, when it is still 14 days away and the end of the financial year is 192 days away; but for me my year is coming to an end because on the 18th of December it is the end of so many things and the start of many more.

This is all wrapped up in an episode called:

“Hello End of the Road, where have you been?”

You found me. Ok your turn to hide…1….2……3…..4..

It has been such a big year and it started with a big man. You have all heard the story. I weighed myself on a Wii Fit and it told me I was less than 2kg (4.4 lb) off from being obese. I didn’t even realise I was overweight. I started dieting hard and I gave myself 12 months to do it. The last time I checked in with you all I was on a detox and hating it. I had 3 more kilos to lose so I started the detox and even though it was full of testimonies with the lowest loss being 3kg and the highest 10kg (22 lb) all in 10 days – I only lost 1kg and was slightly bummed.

The last few kilos are so so hard. It is funny because I have come so far yet the end felt so far away. I was really trying to get to the end a month early but it wasn’t to be so I set my goal to the date that has always been there. The 18th of December, the day I go on holiday. Even thought that is just around the corner, over the last month it has felt so far away.

I really didn’t realise how important this day is to me when it comes to my work. I am currently on a secondment in head office but I recently found out that it is not going to be extended and I am heading back to one of the bank’s stores as an assistant manager. Even though this is a shock I have realised it is a complete blessing and I am really looking forward to it. So the last month I have known that my current job is no longer my future job. To top it all off the work I am engaged in has been extremely hard and I know there is an end to it coming but it is just so far away. Where are you end of the road????

It would be so much easier at work if I wasn’t dieting but I need to hit my goal. The funny thing is I hit my goal two weeks ago. I got to my goal weight and I was extremely happy so I celebrated. I had some Thai food. The next night we had a family dinner which turned out to be Indian. When I weighed myself the next day, only 2 days after hitting my year-long goal, I had put on 1.6 kg (3.5lb). You have to be kidding me. That day, I had to go back on the diet that I had just been waiting 12 months to get off. I am still on that diet and can finally see the end.

The end of the road is coming this Saturday and it is finally here. I am in that weird kind of state where nothing bothers me because freedom is coming.

6 months effort at work and 12 month effort with my health is coming to its graduation. All those hours, all that pain, all those time I fell and all those time I picked myself up. I can finally see the end of the road; and the sacrifice, the cost, and the scars I bear, all start to lose focus. I am no longer hurt and feel no pain as I can finally see the end I have been waiting for.

This is the same for you. What you are going through is real and it may be extremely difficult with a very high cost but you need to remember there is an end and when you can finally see it, everything else gets out of focus.

Have Fun


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  1. sam Says:

    Good stuff as usual! just gotta catch up on last weeks blog now!

  2. sam Says:

    Oh and enjoy the holidays & have a merry Christmas!

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