Put down the three balls

December 9th, 2010

Hello everyone.

I write to you from the other side of tired. Why? Well I have some holidays coming up and I guess that my body has decided that I am really going to enjoy the holidays by making the lead-up to them, hectic. I love it though, only 9 more sleeps until I holiday and only 2 more sleeps until 1st Christmas.

1st Christmas I hear you say, which I must assure you when I say I hear you say it is just a saying and I am not hiding in your house, behind the sofa. Yes, 1st Christmas. My in-laws are flying off very soon so this Saturday is the last day we will all be together including our lovely Grandmother from England. Therefore this Saturday is our Christmas. The good news is I get to have 2nd Christmas with my family but due to commitments of certain members we have decided to have it on the 22nd. So we have 1st Christmas on the 11th, 2nd Christmas on the 22nd and on the 25th of December I might read a book. I have to rest up for 3rd Christmas on the 33rd.

Speaking of the number 3 today’s episode is called:

‘Put down the three balls’

You found me!!!!!!! Your turn to hide. 1,2,3,4…….

The year was two thousand and nothing and I found myself at an amateur circus school at their first meeting. A group of people decided that they wanted to teach local children the circus arts and eventually give them opportunities to perform. They did not have many people around who knew how to perform circus art so they called in the professionals. The T-Funk Allstars (bunch of older performers that we looked up to) and Spandex (My Circus Art busking group). Having us as teachers lasted all of one session and since then they have gone on to become quite successful (I am not sure if I should be offended). Though on that one day I was a teacher, I happened to have a conversation that I never have forgotten. It was with a middle-aged woman juggling three balls.

We started chatting about juggling and I asked her how long she had been juggling. She told me 1 year. Seeing as I had only been doing it myself for 8 months I was interested to see what she could do. I asked her: ‘So what can you do?’ and she said back “my best is 80”.‘

This blew me away. This lady had been juggling for a whole year and her biggest achievement is 80 throws and catches. I had been juggling for less time and I had stopped counting after a few months because I didn’t drop them. Yes, if I tried a trick I would drop a ball or two quite often but when juggling three it was like walking. I stopped when I wanted to.

So why the difference. Is it simply skill? No, because we didn’t have the skill when we started. It is because the first day she learnt how to juggle she picked up three balls and I picked up one.

You see juggling three balls is actually a 7-step process and I committed to every step there was. My first day of juggling I threw one single ball for over 4 hours. I practiced with that ball until I could do it with my eyes closed. While she had been celebrating that she got in 8 throws and catches with three balls in her first day I was celebrating that I could throw and catch one ball. To anyone else her feat looked more impressive whilst mine insignificant.

Life has many little steps and those who commit to treading on those steps probably whilst others take shortcuts to celebrate quick wins, will one day be glad of their wisdom. Whilst they can only juggle 3 balls for a minute, you will be juggling them behind your back.

Enjoy the journey and remember to always

Have Fun.


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  1. Jeff Hawkins Says:

    Hey Dan, if you recall, I inquired a while back about some kidmin stuff, and I truly appreciate all of your insights, as well as Nathan’s! But this is about the juggling! I read your blog today, and committed to learning to juggle. I’ve been working on it this evening, and am really enjoying it! The virtue behind your story is something that has been rather foreign to me, but I feel I’m beginning to learn, and your story has encouraged me… thank you!

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