Winged Hands

December 2nd, 2010

Hi there.

This week has been extremely interesting. I have been faced with some deep thinking and life reflection that has been a real challenge. The hardest part is that I knew something was bothering me but I couldn’t work out what. I thought long and hard about it, chatted through it with My Princess but just kept going in circles. I needed something to  break the  cycle. So I decided to express my feelings in a new way rather than just pondering on them. The result for me was astonishing as I discovered how I truly felt about the situation and it took me by surprise.

I want to share my expression with you. There are people out there who are currently faced with what I have dealt with and I believe that they will really get something out of this. There are others who are faced with their own challenges that this idea of expressing in a new way could really help.

I decided to write a poem and I have called it:

‘Winged Hands’

Hi there. You really are awesome that you read all these.

I have seen this scene before. Yes, it is in those hollywood movies, as we look down the cliff face for the first time. The wind swells and nature below shudders as the pure air can be felt on your face. I see this picture everyday. This is my view from the nest.

Wow, what a view. Enough to send a real estate agent crazy. I am very blessed, my home is secure and complaining just seems out of place. Yet as I look down the cliff face for the countless time I wonder.

I don’t fly very much, but boy you should see my wings. They are big, they are colourful and there is none quite like them. I am known for my wings and many a man has looked in envy and wished that they were theirs. Oh I have great wings, but I don’t often fly.

I have built my nest strong and prepared for the winter. I have worked long and hard to provide and prepare so we could have a nest of our own. My work has seemed wise, my labour has seen fruit; yet I still sit in this nest looking down the cliff face and wonder.

I have traded my wings for hands, I have built instead of flown. I have braced for the winter instead of braved the elements. These are choices I have made and I stand by them as true but I still stare down the cliff face and wonder.

What if my wings don’t work?

I have used them as hands, would they still be wings, would they carry me on the winds of faith? Has it been too long, have I missed my chance, I can’t afford to fall flat on my face.

So many questions, so many outcomes and the fear is dying to change topic. Yet the whole time I sit on the edge of my nest, and my feet dangle down the cliff face and I wonder………….

Should I jump?

Have Fun.


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  1. Jared M Says:

    Yes, Dan. Jump!

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