“Life on Shuffle”

November 25th, 2010

Hello and welcome to The Thursday Blog.

We have a fun episode today called:

“Life on Shuffle”

Don’t Panic – Coldplay

Music is such a powerful medium in our world. A single song has the power to trigger emotions and change the way we feel. Sometimes we reached for a pump-up song before we tackle a hard challenge; other times a soothing song can quickly calm us down.

I believe – Hillsong

I am certain that songs are powerful and have influence on how we feel therefore how we act. So as a social experiment I have put my ipod on shuffle to see how it affects my writing. I will let you know that the above song is messing things up. It is not usually a song I would play to reflect on life. Sorry, I know my church wrote it but I am glad it is about to change.

The Ginger Bread Man (Story) – Play School.

Ok, I would rather listen to the previous song! My Princess recently put a bunch of children’s albums on our itunes, and I love it though I don’t often write to it. The reason why is these songs do not spark reflective thought and therefore are not helping. This is really affecting me, I have actually thought of abandoning this episode altogether.

Hosea’s Wife – Brooke Fraser

Oh, thank the good Lord. Now this is the type of song I usually write with. Something I have heard a lot so it is familiar, and it sparks creative thought. I must try and get out as much of the episode as I can whilst this is playing before ‘Humpty Dumpty Rap’ comes on.

I am surprised about how much songs do affect me. In life if a song comes on that disagrees with how we are feeling, we press ‘“skip” on the ipod, we change radio stations, or in extreme circumstances we pull over on the side of the road, get out and set the car on fire and watch as the flames destroy the CD player playing Punk Rocker by Sandy Tom.

Voulez Vous – Abba
Ok, I wasn’t expecting this but I can work with it. A nice little dance song. I am thinking with this song I will be able to run with a thought with gusto, but not come up with anything new. So I might move onto the core of the experiment because I know what that is about.

Here is the thought – “How much do we live our life on shuffle”. Think about it. What I am experiencing now are simple reactions to my circumstances.

Caressing Breeze – various artists on the album Tropical Breeze

Wow, this is extremely calming. A bit of pan flute and an organ. A recipe for relaxation. We have 3 minutes left of this so let’s enjoy it.




Oh, I better keep writing.

So my thought, which is now a deep thought seeing as I am being caressed by the breeze, is I am swayed way too easily.

The Pennsylvania Polka  - The Wiggles

Oh wow. I literally blanked out and The Wiggles woke me up. I must be ‘Jeff’. This is a really catchy tune which is not cool as I wanted to drive the point of the episode but instead I am tapping my feet, and my shoulders are slightly possessed.

You found me – The Fray

Wow, I didn’t even realise I owned this song? Nice. The last time I heard this song was when famous Australian Radio DJ’s Hamish and Andy did a parody of it. Seeing as it starts with ‘I found God’, they did a song of playing hide and seek with God. Very funny.

I can’t handle this, I really want to make the point of what this whole episode is about yet I am not getting the songs I need.

Mop Mop – The Wiggles


60B – Nancy Wilson (On repeat)

Oh so much better. Now I can reflect. What happened to me over the last hour is what happens to most of us everyday. We try to live our life and are tossed about with waves of emotion because of what we listen to. A good day can quickly turn bad with the change of a circumstance and a change of a song. How many times have we heard ‘I was having a good day until…..’

Here is the kicker. You can’t change the type of music that is out there but you can change what you are listening to. Now is the time to get smart and really think about what and who controls your song selection and if that lines up with where you want to go. You have the ability to only be influenced by positive, encouraging, uplifting songs; that will not only get you through the day but have an impact on this world. This may involve deleting a few songs but it is worth it.

Don’t live your life on shuffle, create a playlist.

Have Fun.


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