November 11th, 2010

Hello and Welcome to The Thursday Blog.

How are you by the way? We always get straight down to business but I need you to know that I do care so I am going to attempt to have a live conversation with you. Yes you, the person with those vital organs from that country on the map, who likes things. You know I am talking to you because I am being so specific. Simply speak to your screen and engage in conversation.

Hey you, it has been a long time. How have you been?

(Insert answer)

That’s really interesting. And are you still involved in that same activity after all these years?

(Insert answer)

I thought so. Now tell me about your love life.

(Insert answer)

Wow, just like in the movies. Now, do you still have that that rash on your left thigh from the hiking trip in Nepal?!

Now we have connected at a deeper level, and you have applied your medicated cream to that rash we can get on with today’s episode that is called:


Hi there again. You are good a finding things. You should be a dectective.

Today an army helicopter flew up near my office window. Why was it there, I am not sure though I wouldn’t rule out the paparazzi as I am a big deal; but today happened to be Remembrance Day. On this day we remember the brave men and women who stood in the face of evil and fought with their lives to protect those they love and even more heroic, those they don’t even know. To those who have served and who are currently serving to protect your people; I honour, respect and love you for your sacrifice.

Allow me to go on a seemly unrelated tangent that only when it is linked back at the end you will go ‘ohhh’.

I have been on a detox which hasn’t been a pleasant situation. Last week I checked in after 3 days of the vegetarian diet. Unfortunately I didn’t lose anymore weight but I did successfully detox and feel a lot better for it. This detox sucked though. I lived eating nothing but vegetables, salad, brown rice and lentils. I felt like a struggling university student though all the vegetables and supplies came to way over what I usually spend on groceries for the week and it was just feeding me. Constantly I would go to eat something only to realise that I couldn’t and I would enjoy a refreshing cup of water and a carrot for the 800th time. This was no fun.

Bring on tangent number 3.

My Princess’ went travelling for a short period of time without me. My Princess, her mother, her grandmother and my Little Princess planned a girl’s trip to Melbourne for 4 days. This meant I was a bachelor. This was not fun. Yes I make the most of any situation but no matter how late I went to bed I would still wake at 6.30am only to find that no one was lying next to me and no little voice was calling out for me to go play. I missed them dearly.

Then last night tangent 2 and 3 came together. Although due to arrive back in Sydney at 7.30pm, my Princess’ didn’t show because due to a lot of traffic and a stupid airline who would not wait for an elderly lady to walk up to the desk from the other end of the airport, or give my Princess a wheelchair to go get her; they were kicked off their flight. I had to wait another 3 hours for them and it was awful. Yes I was at home, relaxing but I missed them so much and really wanted to see them.

Finally at 11.30pm they were home with me and the ordeal was over. The next morning my diet finished. I had some eggs on toast to celebrate and enjoyed the feeling of being full. I had just received two things I had really wanted – my family back and the ability to eat food back; yet after I had them I realised they were two completely different experiences.

When they were away I really missed them. I thought about them in the morning, when I got home and often during the day. But for every time I thought of them, I thought about food 10 more times as my stomach was constantly screaming at me to eat properly. Now today I got to eat what my stomach wanted and I felt like I never went on a diet. I have totally forgotten about it and I have no scars. But when I hold my Princess’ I appreciate them at a whole new level because I am still hurting from when I was away from them.

Remembrance Day is not only about paying respects to what people physically went thorough. What they physically went through is incredible but what we truly honour is what they went through emotionally. The years spent away from loved ones, the months spent in trenches, the anguish from the loss of a comrade, and the grief of the family of those laid to rest. We remember those things that they will never forget.

God Bless the Peace Keepers.

Have Fun.


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  1. Jonny Says:

    A fantastic, touching read Dan. Thank you. Btw; I thought we agreed never to talk about Nepal again! ;)

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