But I just wanted some custard

October 28th, 2010

Hello everyone.

Once again the new intro series has not started. For those who have just joined us I must explain that I usually have an intro for each blog that is more clever than simply ‘Hello Everyone’. Then the intro turns into a series as it runs week after week slightly changing the start and slowly increasing the back story. After awhile it completely gets out of hand. I mean “so out of hand”, that once the intro covered the entire episode. I got to the end of the intro, saw the word count at the 800 mark (the infamous word limit that all episodes seem to stick to), and just had enough left to write ‘Have Fun’. You can see such a spectacle here.

So what am I doing instead of my intro. Well nothing.

Today’s episode is called

‘But I just wanted some custard’

Does anyone find this secret message each week?

Here is a great story that even some of the people involved have started to forget, so now is the best time to tell the world. It brings us to our days of filming BIG Curriculum – Supernatural, the next installment of the Hillsong Kids Big Series that should be hitting children’s ministries (the cool ones) right around the world in the upcoming months. This time once again it has gone to a new level and it is very very good.

Speaking of the new level, that is what we did with our filming schedule. Instead of filming over 3-4 months on Saturdays and nights during the week, we took 5 days to film a big chunk of it (roughly half). We had done a 3 day shoot last year, but a 5 day of 10 -16 hour days was something else. When I got back to work the next week I was asked if my holiday was relaxing and I simply laughed at them.

No matter how tight the schedule was we still found time to keep up tradition and we took one night to play board games. The game of choice was ‘Settlers of Catan’ at the residence of choice ‘Nath and Jess Mclean’. A lot of you may have heard of Nath and if you have heard correctly you would know that he and his wife Jess are a wonderful couple whose hospitality is fantastic. Jess displaying this famous hospitality said ‘Who wants some custard and ice-cream?’

This excited all at the table especially Dave who has a sweet tooth that would inspire Willy Wonka to take up dentistry. Quick as a flash Jess had four bowls out and was scooping out chocolate ice cream. I then took that moment to reveal something about myself that not many people seem to understand. This is something so shocking that it has the power to change the way you think about me not just as a writer, but as a human being. It is the fact that……….

I don’t like ice-cream, especially chocolate ice-cream.

Some of you cringed for the first half of that last sentence only to be knocked off your chair for the second half. I don’t mind a fruity sorbet, or a bit of vanilla with a pancake but chocolate ice-cream and I are not friends.

I asked Jess if I could just have custard with no ice-cream. She had already put it into my bowl so she scooped it out leaving a small chocolate mark on the bottom. Being an incredible host she even offered to clean the bowl to get rid of the chocolate smudge but I said it was more than fine.

Next thing I know, after the microwave had warmed the custard, she handed out the bowls to Dave and Nath and she sat down with her bowl and they all started to eat. I looked up and saw my bowl waiting for me on the bench, as she had forgotten to give it to me. I cracked a small joke:

“So do you need to have ice-cream with your custard to get it delivered?”

Jess almost choked on her ice-cream as she burst into laughter.

“It’s OK Jess, I will go get it”.

To which she started laughing more. She barely got out the words “I forgot to pour you some”.

“Ha, that’s fine, I will just pour some myself”.

To which she started convulsing with laughter

“I USED IT ALL UP!!!!!!”

(You guys can take a short break to laugh as we did for several hours that night).

Allow me to go deep for a brief moment. What I did is very true behaviour to how we tackle our relationships with our friends, family and even our partner. We meet a person who is chocolate ice-cream and custard and we try and take away the ice-cream. We enjoy general conversations with that person from work but don’t want to hear about their search for the right one. We enjoy the support from our parents but don’t want to talk to them for hours on the phone. We love the love from our partner, but would rather substitute out the strong will especially in an argument.

Chocolate ice-cream is a flavour and so is custard but combined they make something completely different and unique. To extract a flavour is to change the dish and you may end up with nothing at all.

Have Fun.


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