October 21st, 2010

Hello everyone.

It is 9:23pm and I had about 4 hours of things I needed to do tonight. The first being to hug and kiss My Beautiful Princess, and hug, kiss, bath and play with My Little Princess. As you may have noticed My Little Princess (my 11 month old daughter who is near perfect….. just like her mother) is receiving twice the amount of tasks allocated to her than My Princess (my 26 year old wife who was the aforementioned mother of My Little Princess). You could then imply that I am paying too much attention to my child over my wife seeing as she has 100% more tasks allocated to her. I conclude that is not the case by pointing out that my hugs and kisses for My Princess is something else and sometimes such a big task it may take all night. A price I am more than willing to pay.

I achieved the first two things on my to-do list without any hassle. Then I went to tackle the next thing on my list. Cook Dinner.

I am trying to learn how to cook for two reasons. 1. It makes the food I cook taste nicer; and 2. no other reason. I downloaded a Jamie Oliver app on my iphone called ‘20-minute meals’ which in theory sounds great but in practice I need practice. I think though that even once I get to a point where I am really good at making these meals that it really only takes me 20 minutes to make them; it still will take 89 minutes to wash up the 14 pans and 68 spoons I used to cook lentils.

By some miracle I actually got the food cooked in a reasonable time. After dinner I needed to have a sit down before I tackled my next two jobs. Write this episode, and choreograph a dance for a film shoot this Saturday. So I did what any normal person would do. I played on my iphone.

My Princess and I recently received the new iphone 4 in what is widely regarded as the upgrade deal of the century. By the end of a few rejected offers for them to get my wife to stay with their company (rejected by me playing hard ball); they ended up giving her $100 credit plus $10 off a month on her plan. This deal was only sweetened when I got them to upgrade me as well, even though I had 7 months to wait until I was eligible for an upgrade. They also gave me the same $10 off a month, $80 credit and waived $300 of cancellation fees (that was the 7 months). We have only had the phone for a month so we are still pretty rapt with it.

So it is now a good 90 mins later and My Princess and I have done nothing except get a high score in Mega Jump (me) and deleted 20 or so free apps that were useless (her).

This is a very silly thing to do because now I am under the pump to get this episode written and then choreograph the dance with the possiblility that I will be up past midnight doing so. I have literally robbed myself of 90 mins of precious sleep by playing Train Yard.

Why do we do such silly things?

Have you ever been at work and you look at the time you have and the amount of things you need to do (which looks reasonable), but for some reason you don’t get onto it. Then an hour or two later alarms bells go off and you have the rush to get it all done?

Why do we do such silly things?

Douglas Adams is a hero of mine. I say that because I love the way he writes, not because he saved me from a burning building using nothing but a toothpick and a bottle of lemon juice. If that was the case you would want to be referred to as ‘my hero’ not ‘a hero of mine’ which would elude to me having been saved from burning buildings on a number of times by numerous heroes, wielding a mulitude of ordinary items. I really have to stop hanging out in flame-attractive buildings.

Anyway in Douglas Adams’ radio play ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ (not to be confused with the book or the BBC Movies or the Hollywood movie all of the same name). In the radio play, Arthur Dent meets an archaeologist named Lyntilla who by the by has 256 million trillion clones of her (you only meet 2 in the play). They have to get to another place quickly so she turns on a crisis-enducer, which simulate a crisis so they run faster.

So is that why we do it? We like to be in crisis so we are more productive or is it that we are just lazy. What is the answer?

I will tell you what it is.

How in the world do I know? I have been procrastinating all night and when I finally get to writing this blog, I procrastinate by telling you all that I have been procrastinating, and I have even written the title which is…


Have Fun.


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  1. samw Says:

    *alarm bells ringing*

    Yeah.. I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow.


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