October 14th, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen and all those who are listening via radio, welcome to the second annual NON-STOP EDITION of The Thursday Blog.

What is a non-stop edition I hear you say? Well I can’t hear you say that because you are probably over the other side of the world and if you are not over the other side of the world but in my suburb, I still couldn’t hear you because just because you are local doesn’t mean you can be heard from my living room!

You may be thinking “that paragraph was a bit awkward” and you would be right because that is exactly what this episode is meant to be. Awkward!!!! Actually more like real. What I am attempting to do is to sit down and write an episode without stopping, editing (except for spelling) or taking a break even if I really need to. So this means I can’t go back and change sentences, if I start to write anything I can’t even take it back. So if I start a sentence and I feel like it is going nowhere I can either finish it or leave it mid-sente…

So what are we going to talk about? That wasn’t a rhetorical question I really need some subject matter, oh that’s right I can’t hear you even if you are in my suburb.

So I am on my own now. Better give it a title.


I added this bit after. Whoops

Well that doesn’t help, I thought I could get a good episode title that would frame my episode but it didn’t work. Also I previously called it non-stop edition which I think sounds better but I can’t go back and change it.

Life has been a bit like this recently – very fast-paced and very fast-paced (I know I repeated myself but that was an accident and I can’t retract it as previously stated); and it has also been a bit awkward. It seems to just be happening at the moment like I am on autopilot and I can’t get off the rails, even though planes are the only thing with autopilot that don’t travel on rails. This can be a bit of a depressing time because I could feel hopeless and powerless. But maybe there is another way of looking at it.

I was hoping that way of looking at it would hit me now.

Oh, I think I have it.

The point of autopilot (totally great name for a title but I can’t go back), is that once a course is set everything can just focus subconsciously or even mechanically on that job. So if I am aiming to go to France, point me in the right direction and I can flick the switch and it will take me there, or at least in that direction. So what does that mean in my life? I guess the course I have set is where I am being taken.

I have set a very simple course in my life – love, honour and respect my family; be diligent in my work; serve my church; and live for my God. There are so many other things that I find important for example health, which has been a big topic this year (so far losing 15 kilos, which I would love to give you the pounds equivalent but I can’t stop the blog, so I will have a guess at 40 pounds [I am regretting my guess now, oh well]). So here is the kicker. Even though right now in life I may feel stuck in autopilot (and that can happen, it is just a season), it is OK baby because I am headed to France.

Yes I might feel like I can’t move from where I am going, make a few changes here and there, or shake it up. Whether it is your housing situation, or the work you are in, or your finances; you are in a season where none of those things can change right now, and that is OK. Why? Because you will get up each morning with the chance to love your wife, to bless your family, to serve your church and to love on your God; and if you do the same thing each day, even if it is because you have no other option; you can still make sure you are flying in the direction you want to go.

So that is me at the moment. There are areas that can’t change even though I really want them to. They have caused the old autopilot to stick but they haven’t locked up the steering wheel. I still get to decide where I want to go even if they are deciding how I get there.

So that is my thought of the day and gosh it has made me feel better. I didn’t even realise that that is how I was feeling. Wow, I think I now owe myself $165 and should see if my health insurance can cover some of my fee.

I may have forgotten to say a lot of things in this episode but with it being a non-stop edition (hey I got it back in, remember I called it an episode and I was a bit bummed, come on it was near the start). Anyway, just because it is a non-stop edition doesn’t mean whilst reading it you can’t go back. However I won’t forget to say this.

Have Fun


Oh dear I meant Dan.

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