“The Search for Never-Ending Love

October 7th, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen and boys and girls of all ages; and Brenton who works in payroll, the only person besides the writer and the editor in this company of 120 employees that does something.



‘you’ve done it again’………………….

These are all the sounds of celebration of the successful conclusion of a series of intro’s. The running joke was obviously that there are so many different departments that work for this blog but we don’t know why we would need such departments; and i finished it off with a simple payroll joke highlighting the absurd operating expenses that The Thursday Blog has with 120 employees and only one writer.

Wow, what a journey it has been. What intro will it be next week? You will have to see, I might not even start a new intro series next week, I might wait a while just to keep you guessing.

So here we are at the 155 word mark with nothing really accomplished besides making a musical note through the instrument of the horn that belongs to me which I am blowing. Let’s jump into today’s episode which is called:

“The Search for Never-Ending Love”

Roses are red, and pretty to see, I am so impressed, you found me.

I watched a movie this week called ‘Dear John’. If you are not sure what kind of movie Dear John is, then it is most easily compared to ‘The Notebook’. Both very romantic films, both with very attractive actors and both very successful grossing $115 million (Its not avatar but it is still a hit seeing that they cost less than $30 million to make). Now you might hate these kinds of movies but I don’t mind them and I really enjoyed watching them. It was a really enjoyable movie but it was a stupid movie. Here is why.

Now I could put a spoiler alert here but you know by looking at the cover that they get together and get drawn apart for some reason; so I don’t think I am spoiling anything. But if you are really want to see this movie without this insight then you have 100 minutes to do so. See you soon.

Welcome back, cool movie hey, but utterly stupid. Here is my problem with it. Two people meet when they are young and they fall in love. So far nothing is wrong with that, though the wording of falling in love can be debated. They spend a short amount of time together during summer and it is magical. So far nothing is wrong, in fact it is awesome. They are separated for some reason but they build their relationship in this case through letters.

Come on, I am not spoiling anything. It is called ‘DEAR JOHN’ for goodness sake, of course they write letters. And then something happens, they may break up, one family may rush them away, one may find someone else but they generally are separated and live their own life. They move on but inside their hearts they never do.

Now it is 5, 10, 20 years later and they both conclude that they have never loved anyone (including husband, wives, pet goldfish) as much as they loved each other.

This is so romantic yet so so so stupid.

Why do we believe that there is such thing as never-ending love? That one experience will be so powerful that no matter what happens that love shared will never die yet get stronger. This love is rare and so very special. This kind of never-ending love exists but it is not found in a single summer.

This love exists in the early mornings as you jump out of bed quickly when your little baby wakes so your partner can get some more deserved rest. This love exists in the dinner that is prepared for your partner on their return from work. This love is found in walks in summer, close cuddles in winter and in laughter all year round. This love is trying things new and out of your comfort zone because there is a small chance that your partner might really appreciate it. This love is in the morning cup of tea, in the afternoon phone call, the SMS and the picture message with that smile that comes from just thinking of them. This love is found in the conversations that build and encourage the relationship. It is even found in the rebukes.

You see never-ending love exists but you don’t have to be the lucky leading actress to have it. It exists because in your relationship you choose it to.

Love is a choice and to have never-ending love is to choose to love with no end.

Have Fun.


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  1. Cha Says:

    Hear hear! Great post. The book was better than the movie (as usual).

    Did you ever post your story about Shamwow at Kidshaper? I don’t recall reading it here. Glad I was there though :-)

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