“Love them or…..”

September 30th, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages; and Brad who works in the music department. Now this is a department that I can’t understand. For a purely textual medium there is no real place for a music department. I organised a meeting in my office to let him know that he needed to find other employment. It was schedules for a Tuesday at 3pm.

It was Tuesday at 4:36pm when the door finally opened and a light from heaven shone in as Brad glided in holding a guitar.

“What’s happening?”

“You are over an hour and a half late”

“I was thinking man…”

“Why are you carrying a guitar?”

“Can’t sing or talk without it”

We had a long chat about the direction of The Blog, how each episode is read and not heard, and even if it was heard it usually wouldn’t be heard with music, and even if it was heard with music people have ipod’s these days with millions of songs to choose from so we don’t need to give them any from our music department. I then asked him:

‘“So do you know what I am getting at?”

“Yes, we need to write more songs!”

I hit my head against the desk. I don’t think he saw it, he has trouble seeing through his fringe…

Welcome to The Thursday Blog!!!!!!

Gosh these intro’s are getting out of hand.

I would like to talk to you about something very special today that may just change your life, if not I will give you your money back. I know you didn’t pay for this blog but I did steal you wallet.

Today’s episode is called:

“Love them or…..”

hello there. you found me.

There are a lot of things in life that can fall into the category of annoying / irritating / frustrating / scary / generic viagra differences or sad and every emotion in between. I have decided to combat these things by learning how to love them. Some would say this is silly because you are doing things you dislike but this is not true. In fact these things fall under the category of things that just happen and you have two options: to Love them or………. continue getting annoyed, irritated etc.

I first learnt how to do this with car travel.

Travelling is a part of life. It happens almost everyday in a variety of circumstances. We have to get to work, get home, go to meet friends, get away from friends, drive up the coast because you told your friend you were out of town so you couldn’t meet up and felt like a liar if you didn’t. Travelling by car used to be a real hate of mine growing up. If we went on a long trip (anything over 40 minutes) I would hate it. I couldn’t stand to travel until one day I moved out and was without a car.

Nowadays I have two ways I travel to work. By scooter which is great but it can get very cold and wet and it is not much fun when that happens; or by public transport that no one in the world enjoys unless you are a tourist or you are 80.

I made a choice that travelling by car was a real treat and it beats the cold or the riveting conversations on the bus. I have loved it ever since. Now if I have to drive anywhere I love it. I even put this to the test with a 13 hour trip to Brisbane and I loved every minute of it; as I thought of how long it would take me on my scooter.

Now this doesn’t mean that I always enjoy travelling by car but I have made a conscious choice to get it deep into my sub-conscious that I love car travel.

I encourage you to pick something that you have to do and choose to love it. Don’t start too hard with something you detest but pick something you have to do and trick yourself into loving it. It also doesn’t have to be activity-based, but could be an event that happens everyday without your control.

The greatest example I have for this is that I have chosen to and I really do love, growing older. I am 27 right now and I love that next year I will be 28. 13 years from now I will be 30, and 26 years from then I will be 56. DOES THAT FREAK ME OUT!!!!???? The answer is no. I love the fact that when I am 56 I would have been married for 22 years, have 7 children, and been in children’s ministry for 34 years. I don’t want to be 56 now, I can definitely wait, but when I am there I am going to love it because I love growing old. It is the ultimate past-time because it is the definition of past-times.

There a lot of things in life that have to happen so why don’t you jump on the journey to learn how to love them. It’s your best option.

Have Fun.


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