Behind the glamour camera

September 23rd, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, and Joshua who works in the testing labs. Every single episode is rigorously tested before hitting your screens. It is tested against all the elements. It is left outside in the cold for weeks on end to see if it would last in the coldest places in the world. It is left in the rain for those who need a read on a rainy day. It is set alight to see if it is fire retardant. Finally it is put in front of a firing squad to test it’s bullet-proof qualities.

This rigorous testing is quite expensive and seeing that The Thursday Blog is simply text that can be transposed on a variety of mediums at the viewer’s discretion; the only testing needed is that of spelling and grammar. I tried to tell this to Joshua and he stared at me blankly and then said “I understand what you are saying, we also need to test how it can survive a fall from 23,000 feet.”

How can you fire someone with that much passion?

Well I am still kind of recovering from the massive filming schedule for BIG 3 we had two weeks back. The most amount of filming we had done previously in a row was three days, and this time we did 5 full 14-16 hour days…64 hours of film caught and a partridge in a pear tree. And that is not all of it, there is still more filming to do. So for those of you that use Hillsong Kids Big, you should appreciate the effort that goes into it. It is not just a throw-together job.

I learnt a life lesson during my time filming and I would like to share it with you whilst destroying a myth.

“Behind the glamour camera”

hello there you did well to find me

So what is a filming week like? Many people would believe the following:

A limo picks me up in the morning with my coffee waiting; I arrive on set and go straight to my trailer for a hot breakfast and my personal makeup artist meets me there. Whilst receiving my makeup, my assistant goes through my schedule and once finished my vocal coach starts my warm up routine. Once fully warmed up and after having received a morning massage from my personal masseuse I walk onto set and start filming.

This is not true. I have to share my masseuse with Dave.

Ok, so we may not have 100’s of assistants helping but you still would be living it up. Well maybe.

It is early Monday morning and we are helping the crew carry the gear into our studio. We arrive on set and see the room that will be our home for 64 hours of filming – BIG HQ. This year we have changed it up again and we are seating around the table. We have changed the filming style and will be getting shots from all angles, so this room is set up differently. We are excited, pumped and a bit tired already and it is only one hour in.

Now let me explain our venue. We are filming in a board room that is tucked away in the corner of an ice-skating rink. Seeing it is tucked away, one must walk out of the room, up some stairs next to the ice rink and through some more offices to get to the toilet. Now the room we are filming in has massive windows (however none of them open), and the sun shone through them brightly. This added with all the lighting we had for the filming made the room about 983 degrees Celcius or 48839 degrees Fahrenheit (I know the conversion is not right but both temperatures are a gross exaggeration and hot enough to kill an elephant). Here is the problem. We are in a very hot room and then to go to the toilet we must go through an extremely cold room. These are not ideal living conditions.

So the question is, if we don’t have assistants and we aren’t in the lap of luxury, then what is it like?

It is like …………… everything else.

Sure it is a very different week, sure it is a lot of fun but when it comes down to it we are simply doing what we do to minister to children. It is the same as holding meetings, creating rosters, recruiting volunteers, writing reports, emailing and emailing and emailing. We are simply doing what we are called to do.

This does not downplay the amazing week we had; but highlights the other 51 weeks in the year. If I can realise that everything I do is important and has impact (even though I can’t see it or it may take awhile); then I can take the excitement and passion and fun from that week and inject it into my year.

Never downplay what you are doing because every task is important.

Have Fun.


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