Never a Negative

September 16th, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, and Sally who works in The Thursday Blog legal department. The last time I saw Sally do any work was when The Thursday Blog got sued.

Jefferey Jefferson allegedly read The Thursday Blog every week as soon as it came out. He allegedly didn’t have great eyesight so he allegedly would print off each episode by allegedly using his alleged Canon Printer. Sorry it was confirmed to be a Canon Printer. One day whilst walking around his house he allegedly tripped over a piece of paper with the famous Blog printed on it, hurt his left pinky finger and therefore was suing me for $583,000,000.

Sally tried everything she had ever seen done on Ally McBeal but couldn’t seem to get a breakthrough in this case. I decided to step in and questioned Jeff on the stand. “You say you read it as soon as it comes out, so what day do you read ‘The Thursday Blog’?” He stumbled and said “um, Sunday?”

It was Sally’s first win ever, I didn’t want to bring her down by firing her.

So that was a long intro – gosh I love it. Today’s episode is called:

“Never a Negative”

Hello there, you did well to find me.

This week in Australia it is Marriage Week. What does this week mean? Well there are events around the place to celebrate marriage but for me it is just an excuse to dote on my Princess just a little bit more than I usually do. She has received 2 presents just because I can; and also I was at my most romantic yesterday at lunch time. On Wednesday’s my Princess spends half a day helping out her father in his office situated in the middle of the CBD. I work at the other end of the CBD and had a 45 minute lunch break, during which I took 22 mins to walk to her office, 1 min to give her a kiss and then 22 mins to walk back. She loved it and cheekily asked me today if I would drive 35 mins home to do the same.

Also this week we are celebrating a major bonus that has come from our marriage – my Little Princess. She is near perfect, just like her mother. She is so full of life, joy, adventure, playfulness, love, affection and every other good thing under the sun. She is growing and learning so fast. Her recent achievements have been learning to clap her hands, with the special bonus being that we found out today she can do it when you ask her to. This means she can understand what she is doing. She also said her first word which is of course ‘Dada/Dad’. And today she has topped it all off by taking her first, ever so tiny but ever so important first step. She is amazing and I love her so much.

Both Marriage and Children are the topic of general conversation. It is one of those things that will be asked in many conversations with loose friends and acquaintances. They will remember that you are married or have a child and will ask ‘How is that going?’. Hey, we all do it including me, though it is hard to keep current with the question. Once I totally got it wrong and said to someone who thought I knew him ‘So how is that girl you are seeing’ to which he said ‘ahhh I married her and have three kids’!

Now the answer to these questions is usually very interesting and varied. Sometimes you get the short positive ‘it’s great’ or you get a joke negative ‘well i’ve forgotten what sleep looks like’; but it is the honest answers that really take you by surprise. I once asked a newly married man how marriage was and he sighed and said ‘really hard’. I thought to myself ‘you better let her hear that’. Later I was talking to his wife with him next to her and asked her the same question to which she replied with a sigh and said ‘really hard’.

I have decided for myself that for these two topics (and a third – my relationship with my Creator) that my response is set. It is not always the same, it can be short, it can be long, it can be extremely truthful or funny; but I 100% want to make sure that it’s never a negative.

I want to live a man who never has anything negative to say about his wife and their marriage and his children. This is a deliberate choice that I have made and I am sticking by. It is not saying that it isn’t hard, that there’s not pain, sacrifice, lack of sleep, financial cost, but I am not counting these costs as a negative. A major company doesn’t complain that it has $30 million a year in production costs. Why? Because it makes $100 million a year in sales.

My life is filled with costs but even if some of those investments don’t mature until years down the track I will never write it off as a negative.

Have Fun.


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