Kidshaper Shorts – Part 2.

September 9th, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen I have forgotten my intro that I have been doing as I am in the middle of a massive week and I have no internet connection at the moment. Why is this week been so massive? We are currently in Day 4 out of 5 of filming Hillsong Kids Big – Supernatural. This is good news for all those in #kidmin as this BIG is the best yet with so many parts that are Gold and definitely Possibly Platinum.

But enough of that as there are so many stories and I still haven’t finished talking about Kidshaper.

So without further adieu here is this week’s episode:

“Kidshaper Shorts – Part 2.”

Hello there. Are you bored? Why did you highlight this bit?

Trust me, this is funny.

I had the honour of performing at the Conference. Generally I perform for children but every now and then I work out a big show for the older audience usually with the same maturity level. They are the best kind of adults. So I had worked out a big showstopper item that involved 3 audience members, a full band and not a single word of English. This sounds complicated and it was, especially when it came to explaining and practicing with all the people involved.

I had 45 minutes to get the band and sound engineer up to speed. I explained to them the routine and we walked it through step by step. I asked if they all had it and the sound engineer said something quite profound. He asked ‘how is this funny?’

It is a strange feeling getting a team of people to help you do a performance when the whole time none of them think it is going to work. They were all very helpful and keen to do whatever was needed (after all, if it tanked only I would look silly) but I found myself saying over and over ‘trust me, this is funny’.

Lucky for me, I was right and the performance went well.

Was that Planned?

Kidshaper was blessed once again to have one of the country’s greatest duos perform for the delight of the crowd. They are of course Squirt the Clown and Picco the Clown (not related though both have the same middle and last name). These guys are both professional solo performers but they join forces only for the 4 curriculum and once a year at Kidshaper.

This year’s performance was set to be a ripper. It was the final night and the crowd had just seen Dave Wakerley tackled off the stage in a sumo suit. Picco starts with attempting a trick where he balances a tray of cups that are holding a sheet of cardboard that are holding half a dozen eggs. This is all attached to a stick that is balanced on Picco’s chin and using another stick he would attempt to hit the cardboard out of the way and have all the eggs land in the cups.

The started their act and it was fantastic. Jokes, banter, perfectly-timed responses all made up a great show but when Picco went to balance the stick the eggs all fell off. They joked a bit and went to Squirt’s final trick (which was amazing) and they finished the show. It was still a great show and the trick is just the icing, but I have been in the situation before and if you don’t nail it it doesn’t feel right. They stuck to time (which is always the right thing to do) and finshed their piece. Rob got on stage and said ‘there are more eggs – have another go’, which Picco did.

He absolutely nailed it and the crowd lost it. They received a standing ovation from over 1000 people with one massive cheer. It made me wonder one thing – ‘was it all planned’??

The final story will have to wait awhile as it is so big it needs its own episode. For those of you who were there all I have to say are two words: ‘Sham Wow’.

Kidshaper was an absolutely amazing experience. It is not because of the crazy videos, it is not because of the amazing morning tea, it is also not because of that incredibly attractive guy that did a performance with no English. It was because it was a conference of like-minded people, people from around the country and around the world who have met together to learn, grow and impact a generation of children to grow up to be all that they are called to be. My favourite stories were meeting people like you and hearing of the amazing things that are happening back home. Thank you Rob and Assunta for such a great conference and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Have Fun.


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  1. Travis Kids Works Says:

    FMD, I genuinely have no idea how you’re going to capture the awesome of the Sham-Wow moment in The Thursday Blog, but if any blog can do it, it’s The Thursday Blog.

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