Kidshaper’s Shorts Part One

September 3rd, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages and Dale who works in The Thursday Blog maintenance department. Despite the only piece of equipment used to maintain this empire is a single laptop and Internet connection, every time I log a fault I receive an email saying it is a 48-72 hour turn-around time. I have a feeling Dale has another full time job, maybe even a few.

What is this week’s episode all about? Well it couldn’t be about anything else but Kidshaper. Last Wednesday to Friday we all headed down to Melbourne for the world famous Kidshaper Conference run by Rob Bradbury and his team. Now I could cover play by play of how amazing the conference was and what was spoken by the speakers and how it impacted our lives; but instead over the next few weeks I thought I would bring you a collection of short stories that I got to witness. The episode is called

‘Kidshaper’s Shorts Part One’

Hello you awesome person that found me.

How is it totally my fault?

Last year Rob asked Dave to do the new segments on stage and to make them funny. Seeing the concept of making something funny can be potentially embarrassing, Dave chose his usual entourage of Nath and I to make fools of ourselves alongside him. Last year we continually topped each performance with something more crazy but this year was a challenge. How do you top doing the news with flanelgraph?

We only had three sessions. Dave and Nath started strongly on the Thursday night with a chili-eating contest whilst reading the news whilst keeping a straight face. We were on again the next morning but none of us checked what time or thought about what we were doing. I continued the train of non-thought the next morning until I realised that we had to get all of us dressed (including my nine month old little princess), and out the door ASAP to try and make it there before the rally started. I arrived 10 mins after the rally started and I would of made it, but instead of us being on 20 mins after the rally started like the night before, that morning we were on 4 mins after.

Both Dave and Nath reported to me that they had bombed and I was to blame. If I was there on time I could of had an idea of what to do and it would of been great but instead they didn’t have anything and bombed. It was totally my fault yet I still don’t know why.

I did make up for it later on by coming up with an idea for them to do the announcements whilst people ran at them to tackle them off stage.

Embarrassing = ……

I had the wonderful chance to meet an Internet friend turned real friend Michael Chanley. What a guy he is. He poured out his heart and invested into the conference through his fantastic teachings, and then he found time to simply hang out with us. One of those times we were playing Billionaire which is one of the all-time greatest card games as it involves fully grown adults yelling at each other ‘TWO TWO, I HAVE GOT TWO… OK ONE’.

I thought I would spice it up by adding a rule as you were dealing you would tell us an embarrassing story. I thought with upstanding citizens like Michael, Andy, Dave, Nick & Cadu the stories would be quite contained. Maybe they would be like ‘Once I was dining at a silver service function and I used my cheese knife as my butter knife, it was most embarrassing’. I forgot that I was dealing with children’s pastors. I don’t know who started the trend but the words ‘ I accidental relieved myself in my pants’ or something to that description were told, and then it was on for young and old. All of us (including me) were reliving stories about our childhood and certain accidents. It turns out embarrassing = ………… poo!

Sometime early starts are not early enough

I try to be scared of nothing. I have a unbreakable belief that I am living to 120 years old so when it comes to scary rides they lose some of their effect. Whilst the person next to me is screaming ‘I’m going to die, I’m going to die’ I gently say ‘You will not on die on this ride. I am on it’. If they look at me disappointed I say ‘Don’t worry it will happen one day’.

There is one thing though that does scare me. Missing a flight. I have not missed a flight in over 7 years but I have had some close calls. We got to the airport nice and early and by the time we checked in, changed the baby and bought a drink, it was the final boarding call.

Why is it a final call when they do it 7 more times?

Even though we were early we could of been earlier. Unfortunately for our friends Kieran and Matt, their early morning start wasn’t early enough and they missed their flight. After hearing that, on the flight back we arrived 2 hours before our flight time.

More shorts next week. Until then make sure you…

Have Fun.


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  1. Cha Says:

    Looking forward to more shorts from KS. Love the game Billionaire! And your version sounds awesome. Also agree with the flying thing – I am paranoid about missing flights (think it comes from my Dad, who likes to be early for everything and my Mum quite the opposite!)

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