August 27th, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages and Steve who works in The Thursday Blog sales department. The Thursday Blog subscription price has risen over the years only in line with global inflation. We can’t be charging a nickel and a jumping jack like we did in 1942. As you all know when you view The Thursday Blog we track your IP address to send out a monthly bill for your view. The email and RSS subscription is easier to track therefore a discount is given, another great reason to add your email to the right side of this page. Steve is in charge of collection all the money owed each month.

Steve is what we call a super friendly guy and at the end of the month when he sits down to send out the bill he knocks on the door of the board of directors and begs for them to absorb the operation cost for that month. Month after month they all say yes. We hired a new director who got wind of this and he went immediately to see Steve to fire him, though after conversations with Steve decided it was best to fire himself and let Steve be. Steve is a really nice guy… or may be a Jedi.

This week I am at the only place to be, the Kidshaper conference in Melbourne Australia. This is a very strange year for me as I have been asked to contribute to the conference by performing and teaching an elective. My performance was tonight and it went well. If you were there feel free to comment stating how good it was etc. Tomorrow I am speaking at my elective and I am very excited about it. This is a new realm for me and I am loking forward to seeing what I can do within 40 minutes.

This year I was also asked to write a piece for the Kidshaper book on Making Kids Laugh along with a bio. Seeing as it is incredibly late and I have been running non-stop for 2 weeks with work; I have decided for this episode to share with you my bio that I wrote -

Funny Man Dan’s Bio

Funny Man Dan (or FMD to the older kids) is no stranger to hearing laughter.
Not because of his haircut (though it could do with some work) but because he
has made thousand of children laugh all around the world. He is a volunteer
on the Hillsong Kids team and is one of the writers and performers for the
BIG curriculum and other projects. He is known as the luckiest guy in
the world and if you met his Princess wife and his Little Princess daughter
you would agree. He is also a writer for but that is
just a shameless plug.

I am sure that was a treat. Until next time there is nothing more for me to do besides signing off by saying…

Have Fun


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  1. Travis Says:

    FMD, you were gold… and possibly platinum!

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