You are amazing – Construction Workers

August 20th, 2010

Hi All.

This week’s episode has been quite difficult to write for a few reasons. One, a lot is going on and my topic has changed 6 times whilst trying to write this; and two, I am on a business trip with no access to the internet. I have quickly paid to get on it in my hotel so I don’t have much time. You must know how much I value you as a reader, this cost me $10 to post.

There are many different people out in this world that do many different things. Every now and then though by the medium of chance, I become a temporary part of other people’s worlds. In my short time in this world I have seen many things, experienced a new life, witnessed the way things work and come out with one conclusion….

“You are amazing – Construction Workers”

You honestly are cool because you found the secret message.

As you should all be aware I have a new role in the bank I work in. Yes I am a part-time international children’s comedian, but I also find time to work in a bank. The easiest way to sum up my new role is this phrase – “I open banks”. That does not mean I rock up to one of the many banks we have around the country to make sure it opens at 9am, nor does it mean I have some sort of locksmith-type job. I open new banks, banks that previously were not there but after I am done with them, they are there. Obviously this whole paragraph is not on my official title.

We faced a unique situation with this latest bank we are trying to open. Usually we go to a shopping centre that has a vacant shop and we do a lot of work and we open up. This time we have gone to a shopping centre that is in the middle of a huge expansion and we are one of the many new stores going in. This means for this week and the next I need to hang up the business shirt and trade it in for a high visibility vest, hard hat, safely goggles and steel capped boots (that only desire to try and give you blisters). I was going on a construction site and I needed to get ready.

The first thing I needed to obtain to get anywhere near a construction site, was to complete a nationally recognised safety course called a white card. It used to be called a green card but they changed it recently for unknown reasons. My guess was because of the influx of foreign citizens who jumped at the chance to do a one day course to be able to stay in America only to be brutally disappointed that this green card could do no such thing.

The course was long but still very interesting. I loved hearing our teacher tell a story about every topic. This man had been in the industry for 40 years and both his sons now work with him. After completing the course with a 100% on my test I received my white card and I was one step closer to a construction site.

Before I could get onto the site I needed to be inducted onto it. This is the safety and rules briefing that the site managers must give before access is granted. Even if you have been in the game for 49 years you still need an induction for every site. The person giving the talk spoke loud, spoke with colourful language and spoke passionately. Unfortunately the construction industry has recently reported the most number of deaths than any other industry in this country. This man up the front was passionately yelling for people to follow the rules and keep themselves and others safe. He had personally been with a number of people as they had died on the job and he desperately wanted history to stop repeating itself.

Now I have my white card and I am inducted, I needed to get a really important job done. I needed to receive delivery of 5 large pallets to my new bank. This involved one easy stage of unloading at the loading dock and one difficult stage of getting them an extra 800 metres to my shop; up ramps, around corners and dodging all the obstacles of tools, equipment, machines and parts of shops that were everywhere. To do that was a man with his forklift and I got to witness an amazing feet as he tackled the entire course whilst in reverse.

In a week I will hang up my hard hat, put away these goggles and burn these stupid blister-loving shoes, but I can’t help but be affected by the experience. To spend some time with someone so experienced that has passed on his knowledge to his sons and to all that do the course; to some one whose passion for safety in the industry to prevent history repeating; to someone so skilled that he can literally move mountains no matter what the obstacle – I learnt one thing. If you are a construction work, a builder or a tradesperson you need to know that you my friend are amazing.

Have Fun.


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