The Poet is in Love – 2

August 5th, 2010

Before we start I need to let you know that today’s episode is different.

In fact it I have ever only done one of these episodes before. You can find it here.

This special type of episode is because something very special happened yesterday – it was my Princess and my 3 year wedding anniversary.

This can only mean one thing for this episode, it is the return of:

The Poet is in Love – 2

(Hello there. You found me. I hope you are well.)

To my Darling

I have set myself a challenge that I feel is too hard to bear. The challenge is not to run a mile, make a million dollars or save the world with my cape flapping in the wind. Oh how part of me wishes this was the task as I would stand a chance, for my challenge is far greater than all of these and no man has succeeded before.

I have to try, I have to give it a shot, and if I fall short I fall knowing that I did not hold back one bit. My task, my challenge, my goal is to entirely describe your beauty and communicate my full love for you.

What can I compare you to? Compare you to a rose, the flower is forgotten, compare you to a river, the water is dry, compare you to the sun, and that dot can’t be seen. You are more beautiful than all of these.

Your beauty can only be described in feeling. When I see you every part of my body reacts as they all scramble to get a better look. My legs stand up to attention to welcome royalty, my hands move nervously at the thought of getting to touch you, and my stomach………. my stomach may love you the most. Not just because of your amazing meals you expertly prepare but when it sees you it is satisfied. A meal not shared with you does not fill, and I remain hungry throughout my day until I can feast on your beauty once more.

Oh how I love you. I love the sound of your voice when I walk in the door that can make any stress float away. I love the way you stand when you look at our house and decide it is messy and we are going to fix it. I love the way you pause when you say a joke and try to trick me, constantly giving it away with the look on your face. I love the way you allow me to hold you and how you can instantly snuggle into me giving me no way to move, though I would never want to.

But now we have had a child, my Little Princess, I have discovered another level to love you.

I love the way you comfort her as there is no comfort like your arms. I love the way you tell her that she can’t put something in her mouth, and patiently repeat only seconds later. I love the way you talk to her, letting her know what adventures are in store for her today. I love the way you ask her questions and will take any noise as an answer. I love the way you hold her with confidence, love and respect.

Our life together is everything I have ever wanted and regrets don’t stand a chance. I may not have a million dollars, fancy car, or an 8-story house; but I do have you and you are worth the world to me.

Happy Anniversary My Princess, here is to the next 94 anniversaries as we continue to live, love and

Have Fun

Love your Faithful Husband

Daniel Joseph Lee-Archer

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