It’s filming season!!!

July 30th, 2010

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog filled with lights, cameras and action . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. …figures. Whoa, I am puffed. I am sitting in a house with special lights and expensive cameras so I thought the natural progression was to say action. Unfortunately action is not a tangible item so I had to change it to action figure. Unfortunately for the 2nd time there was not an action figure around so I had to run into every room until I found an action figure. Unfortunately on the 3rd time  I couldn’t find one so I had to quickly use the skills Macgyver taught me and make one out of a piece of wire, chewing gum and a stick. Can you see why I am puffed?

So if there is a light, cameras and action figures around this can only mean one thing. It means this episode is called

“It’s filming season!!!”

Today is my first shoot for our Big Curriculum number 3. Now this statement would excite a lot of people. There are thousands of people around the world waiting for the next instalment of the Big Curriculum. For those who are aware of such curriculum and want a sales pitch, I am afraid you need to go somewhere else. From my years working in sales I have one rule: I don’t sell to friends… unless they really want it. So no sales pitch here, but if it is something you really want then check out the website.

Filming season is here!!!! Filming season is unlike any other season. It is like hanging out with your friends except that your time is booked and co-ordinated with several different parties and the time spent together runs on a really tight schedule. Filming season does not know the difference between night and day, weekday or weekend, location a or location b through to x. It could happen anytime, anywhere and while it is on anything could happen. That is why I love it, every shoot in unique.

So tonight we were filming the film clip to Dave’s and my latest song. The filming took place in a lovely cosy house. Being fairly tired from work when I found out I was filming most things sitting on the couch I was fairly happy. Then I was told I needed to learn forward in an uncomfortable spot to get the lighting right. Of course I told our director that my character had a deep secret in his past and if I leant back it would symbolise a life living in the shadows. I was told to lean forward.

Now I can’t say we were the most prepared for the shoot. We laid down the track in a recording studio a few weeks back but at that time we had our lyrics in front of us. You would think it is easier to remember lyrics if you wrote them. Unfortunately *4 that is not the case. Now we both could of easily downloaded the track and listened to it over and over but instead we left it until it was time for the first take. It would of looked like a badly dubbed Japanese movie as the song would play, we would remember the line after hearing a bit and have our mouth moving a million miles an hour to catch up.

But to our credit after 4 or 5 full takes we had it down and started to get good. So much so that our Director Jarrod said ‘I like what you are doing, but it is different to before. I can’t use any of that footage’. Now Jarrod has worked with us before and he should know that it takes a while to warm up. Next time I suggest we get a stand-in director to start us off with a toy camera and for Jarrod to start from Take 6.

As always we went late into the night as we came up with a few fun ideas to throw in. We make sure that with everything we do we have a carefully thought out script that has been written, re-written and then some; but there is always room for the on the spot ideas that just blow everything out of the water. There is something about getting a bunch of creative people in one room. Sparks do fly.

So it is finally here. Over the next few months we will be having dozens and dozens of film shoots right around the City of Sydney. A lot of late nights, early mornings plus all doing our normal jobs as well. It is funny because there is a lot going on outside of this filming for me with work and family, and adding this could be overwhelming, but it is not. Why? To steal a line from Santa – ‘Tis the season.

Have Fun


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  1. Jean Says:

    Thanks for your weekly blogs. I am so encouraged and enlarged after reading them. I can so relate to your stories of family, work, church and everything else that is happening and how when colleagues ask you – so, how was your weekend, did you have a nice relaxed one? I never know what to say because I think where could I possibly start?

    Thanks for putting things into perspective. So many children’s leaders are full-time parents and employees and may be thinking they’re just a minority and maybe they’re taking too much on board. It’s so encouraging to hear your passion and your energy and the perspective of living in all God has called you to do and loving it.

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