Birthday Week

July 22nd, 2010

Well Dan has asked me to write his blog this week as it’s his BIRTHDAY. However the topic he wants me to write on involves me spilling the beans on my secret birthday plans – as if I’m going to do that! So I am setting this blog to only be posted at 7pm when we are on our way to our secret location…

Birthday’s are fun times in our household. Dan & I are known for celebrating every possible occasion – whether it was our 7month dating anniversary back in the day; the day we purchased our first place; or Grace’s second tooth coming through – everything’s a “big deal”. It’s always party-time. We even have our party food menu: Fronti non-alcoholic champagne; chocolate fondu; and camembert cheese with sundried tomatoes and smoked salmon…yum!!

Anyway I digress. Back to Dan’s birthday. Because this one particular thing I wanted to take him to finished on Wednesday night (!) [his birthday is on Thursday], I thought we could have a birthday “week”…nearly every night of the week spent celebrating my hubby’s 27 years. So we are :)

On Tuesday (I’m just going to cover the main days here) we had a lovely birthday cake at our Connect Group. The Wakerley’s organised it as a surprise for him and he lovingly repaid the gift by using one big spit-ball to put out the candles. Needless to say, the cake came home with us!

On Wednesday I met him after work (my original plan was for us to scoot on his bike but Sydney’s weather decided not to cooperate), and we grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to…Toy Story 3 in 3D at the IMAX. He totally hadn’t picked where we were going and was very pumped when we arrived there. The movie was incredible – Dan said it was “near-perfect”.

And today (Thursday) I have planned something which has been slightly stressful, only because I am trying to make sure Dan doesn’t find out about it. I have booked dinner for us at Hurricane’s Bar & Grill at Bondi Beach…but it’s not going to be just the two of us eating there. I have invited 16 of his close friends to join us as a surprise. I am planning on blindfolding Dan when I pick him up from work and just driving around until all the friends have arrived at the venue. Then we will arrive and if all goes to plan – SURPRISE!! I hope it works that way at least. He loves being around people and I know he will appreciate celebrating his birthday with a bunch of close friends. If you know Dan though, you will know that it is VERY hard to keep a secret from him; he somehow manages to guess things quite easily by putting random pieces of information together. Lord please help me not to give anything away!

Then on Saturday night we are having a celebration at my parent’s house, where Dan has requested satay prawns. There is another surprise on the table that will make an appearance that night too, but because by now Dan will have read this blog, I’m not going to say what it is! For those who were at Colour Conference this year, you will have seen this piece of food dancing on stage…

As my husband says and lives out – Have Fun.


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One Response to “Birthday Week”

  1. Dan Says:

    My Princess!!!

    Toy story 3 was near perfect but spending my birthday with you was absolute perfect.

    I never try and guess surprises but somehow I work it out, but this year I didn’t guess a thing.

    I love you, what a great writer you are.


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