Crawling….. again

July 15th, 2010

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog, equipped with staplers, hole-punchers and that red pen that always seems to be around every time you need a blue or black pen (but the moment you need a red pen it has the incredible ability to disappear only to show up again when it is not needed).

For those who think I am drawing a parallel between a red pen and a type of person you would find in the workplace, I am not. I am talking about the writing utensil that is filled with red ink, thus no parallels being drawn. In fact nothing is being drawn seeing I can’t find a freaking blue or black pen!

Let’s get into the episode shall we. It is called:

“Crawling….. again”

Hello there. You found me. I hope you are well.

This week was my first real week in my new role. I did work one day last week then went on a 4 days annual leave. Most people on annual leave spend it by relaxing and doing very minimal. I on the other hand with 4000 other volunteers spent it at a million miles an hour putting on the best Hillsong Conference in history. It is funny, my colleagues asked “did you enjoy some relaxing time off last week?” Enjoy- Yes!!!! Relax- Ha!!! I wouldn’t change it for the world, that is why I wont.

So this week has been really tiring so far but very satisfying. There is so much to learn and I don’t know a single thing. This is a direct contrast from where I was. I have come from a role that I had mastered, I knew everything about everything and if I didn’t I knew how to find it. Now the only thing I know is my computer log-in and even that took me a day to set up.

There is a lot to learn but the one of the hardest things to learn is the acronyms. I am not sure what it is about work places all around the world that love acronyms. I have left a role where I knew all about LMI, CPS, TCR, PMI, LVR, SLM and now I have to learn PCG, SLA, ETA, MFD, and OSH. It feels like too many TLA – Three Letter Acronyms.

Everything I have learnt over the last 2.5 years gives me vital experience to enhance my new job, but the day to day tasks are completely new and foreign to me. It is like I am having to learn how to crawl….. again.

Monday I was not happy with crawling. Seeing I started a week before for one day to set up things, I had 78 emails waiting for me when I logged onto my computer. This was overwhelming as not only was this a large number of emails, they were all about things I had never heard of. So I started to try and sort them out. So I opened the shared computer folders.

Let me tell you what I am used to when it comes to computer folders. You open the drive, click your store and there would be all our folders we would need, including my own named “GODFATHER”. Seeing I am now a part of a different department that spans across all parts of the company there are a lot more folders needed which creates a labrinyth of mazes that an unsuspecting soul could get lost in. Unfortunately my soul was unsuspecting that day.

I was told where to access certain things and to find an email that would require me to look that up, but it would take me so long as I stumbled through the drives, checked, rechecked, and triple checked that I had got the right things, then file the email in a folder that I hadn’t even created yet. Things that I know that would take someone else 1 min were taking me 20. This was frustrating until something magical happened.

I said to my boss ‘I think I am starting to get a hang of it slowly’ to which she replied ‘I don’t expect you to find your feet for at least a month’.

This changed everything. I realised that I had put an unrealistic expectation on myself. I wanted to be able to do everything like a pro from day one. I was not giving myself the opportunity and time to learn, but rather demanding instant competence.

The fact of the matter is I have to start crawling to learn how to walk. But instead of getting frustrated like someone who has had the ability to walk taken away from them and are having to go through the pain of rehabilitation, I am going to choose to be a child and enjoy discovering a new way of walking.

Have Fun.

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  1. Sarah Harland Says:

    I love that last part you wrote- “But instead of getting frustrated like someone who has had the ability to walk taken away from them and are having to go through the pain of rehabilitation, I am going to choose to be a child and enjoy discovering a new way of walking”

    It’s amazing how a different perspective can change your ability to learn without being discouraged! I hope you enjoy this new challenge

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