Collectors Edition – Think, Act, Feel

July 9th, 2010

Hi Everybody. Dan is away all week performing for 1000’s of children at Hillsong Conference. So this weeks episode is a collectors edition of a episode I wrote many ago with a nice little life lesson. I have kept it is it original form so I do talk about recent events that aren’t recent and the Girlfriend I mention ends up becoming My Princess. So here it is:

“Collectors Edition – Think, Act, Feel”

Have you ever heard the saying “Think before you act”.

Well the other day I had an opportunity to use my ingrained wisdom but unfortunately didn’t use it. The day was Saturday and I was due to leave at 9.30am to get to a performance. I was performing two, half-hour sets and I was getting paid quite a substantial sum. I was worried that I wouldn’t get up in time, but I did. In fact I woke up at 5.40am with a gut wrenching pain in …… well my gut. Fortunately, I had series 5 of the tv show “Friends” to keep me company while I waited for my girlfriend to pick me up.  When she arrived at my house I instantly felt better because she is so beautiful.

Ok that was a lie, she is beautiful, but I still felt awful. So I start to go through the tricks I perform; I packed my juggling knives, I packed my fire wallet, I packed my bowling ball and then I saw my tennis racket. Ahh the famous “Dan Lee-Archer tennis racket trick” where I dislocate my body parts to fit through a racket with no strings. Before I packed that I thought to myself “I haven’t tried that trick for awhile, I should test it out”. So I did my part, I thought before I acted. However, if I thought real hard about it I would have realized that I have been using the same racket since I was 17 and that I had put on a bit of weight since then. Well I got it over my shoulders by dislocating it but the problem occurred when I found out I can’t dislocate my bottom. Yes my bottom has grown so much that Sir Mix-a-lot wrote a song about it. I like big butts… well , you know the rest.

So here I am, with a tennis racket stuck around my waist, sick as a dog, running late for my performance and the whole time wishing that I would of listened to my mother. “Dan, think before you act.”

So is this a blog about thinking before you act? Well if you thought that obliviously you have never read my blogs before because you would know I don’t go down normal lines of thought. Everybody knows about thinking before acting but there is another component that people either tend to skip or put it in the wrong place. It is in the realm of feeling.

So where does feeling go? Of course it is at the start of the process. Here’s how it usually works: You feel like doing something, then you think about it and judge it to be good or bad, helpful or unhelpful, fun or boring, and then you act on it. Example: I walk past the apple store and I see the new i-pod red and guess what, I feel like I want it. So then I start thinking about it and judge it. Would I get real good use out of it? Do I have the money? How much memory would I need? How would I download music, I don’t even have a computer? Would I look good with the white, black or red one? Then you decide to buy or not to buy.

The other way is you feel like doing something, you do it then you think about it and reflect on it. So I want an i-pod, I buy the i-pod then I reflect on the fact that I have no money for rent.

Most people live their life this way, they do what they feel instead of thinking things through completely. I am here to tell you of a different way, a higher level of living that only the wise find.

Change the order.

What you need to do is take “feeling” from the number one spot and put it at number 3. Take away the gold and give it the bronze.

Most people live their lives doing one of the two ways I described earlier. That means the direction of their choices are guided by how they feel. Yes they might make wise choices but they are putting themselves in situations where both options aren’t the best they could have in life.

Well my friend, I am here to tell you there is a better way. Fire your feelings and give the leadership to your thinking. Your new order should be: think, act, feel.

Think about what you can achieve when your thoughts are in control. There will be no more; “I don’’t feel like going to work, waking up early, exercising, eating healthy, helping people, etc.” Your feelings don’t dictate what you do! Your thoughts do because you can choose your thoughts. Do you get it?

Now you will be able to live life at a place where you can think about any direction you want to take your life and go for it. Your feelings are important but they can be changed. Look at the athelete that gets up at 6am to run and he loves it. He is a freak! Those feelings aren’t normal but they are developed. He thought, he acted and his feelings eventually submitted.

So choose your path then let your thoughts decide the direction and trust me, your feelings will follow.

I hope you enjoyed the wise sayings of that 22 year old. Till next week all there is left to say is

Have Fun


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  1. Rob Bradbury Says:

    A post during conference? you are too much! Such excellence such commitment!
    Love you mate
    have a coma like sleep in tomorrow, you have earnt it.

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