Glory Days

July 2nd, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog, equipped with running shoes, headbands and sports drinks that have found a word called electrolytes and have used that as a reason to add sugar to water.

Now we have gotten to the part of the blog that I struggle with every week. I keep forgetting what the best way to do a gentle segue from the intro to the title of the episode. Sometime I fill you in about everyday life, other times I bring up a topic to get you thinking; and sometimes I even just skip straight into the episode title and hope you don’t notice. There was also this one time I simply wrote about how hard it is to write the bit before the title so that I could use that as the bit before the title and wouldn’t have to write the bit before the title but just have to write the title…….

“Glory Days”

Hello there. You found me. I hope you are well.

I have been trying to get fit and healthy this year. Now I never paid much attention to my body when I was younger. We just happily co-exisisted and it simply did what I said. I could go for a run for 5km (3.1 miles) without any training, warm up or even sugar-filled sports drinks, and I would survive. In fact when I was 19, and had recently moved to Sydney, I registered to compete in the 10km (6.2 mile) bridge run. The problem was I was late and the race had already started so I had to run an extra 1km to get to the start line then run.

After getting to the finish line a runner looked at me and said “you did not just run in those shoes did you?” I looked down and I was wearing a pair of old skate shoes that were falling apart. How was I to know you shouldn’t run in skate shoes?

So that was my attitude to fitness. I didn’t work at it and I could pretty much do what I wanted except when it came to acts of strength. I had absolutely no strength in my arms. I couldn’t lift things, I couldn’t arm wrestle, and when my dad took my brothers and I to the gym all I could manage to bench press was the bar. But that is another story.

Seeing I am trying to work at my fitness, health and strength to one day put on the weights on the bar, I talk to a lot of people about it in my day to day life. I have discovered one thing when you talk about fitness, people feel compelled to give you an update on how they’re are going with their fitness.

“Hey Dan, wow you look great. Have you lost weight?”

“Yeah, I have been focusing on my health this year, getting fit and eating right”.

“I am going back to the gym this Monday”

“Um…… that’s great”.

“I am also cutting all carbs out of my diet”.

“Okay…… cool”.

“I am also going to start taking fibre supplements and train my body to empty my bowels once a day at the same time everyday, to maximise body waste efficiency to assist in weight loss”.

“This conversation is over”.

Now I am always very encouraging when I am told about peoples’ plans because I had plans for years to lose weight until one day it finally was actioned. But there is one thing that gets me in a conversation that I hear from so many people and it starts like this:

“When I was younger I could ……..”

I get told the most amazing stories about what used to happen in days gone by. I listen fixated as I watch this person come alive telling me about their amazing adventures. I love hearing those stories but it is what sometimes follows it that I dread.

The pause

That pause is when the reality of their current life reminds them that those days are gone. They had their time in the sun and now those days, those amazing days, are on the mantel piece as the trophy ‘Glory Days’.

If this is you you are not alone but I do have one thing to say. This is not a motivational speech or a self-help blog, nor am I going to teach you five easy steps or lessons to learn; but I do have one observation. There are people out there with the same stories, same adventures and same tales of the days once lived but when they are finished talking they don’t pause. Why? It is not because they can do everything they used to, have the same job, same inflow of money, same energy or sense of adventure. It is simply this. They are now living the life that they want to because they chose to.

Like the couple that have been married for 60 years who say they wouldn’t change a thing; it may be time to learn how to make life now the life you want and watch the glory days follow you throughout your entire life.

Have Fun.


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4 Responses to “Glory Days”

  1. Pastor Jared Says:

    And the nobel prize goes to The Thursday Blog for single-handedly ending mid-life crises around the world. On the flip side, The Thursday Blog is now despised by sportscar manufacturers for the sudden drop in sales in red convertibles.

  2. Wayne Stocks Says:

    Excerpt from Thursday To Do List

    21. Read the thursday blog to make sure I haven’t missed out on any of Dan’s upcoming significant life events so that when they come up on Twitter and I ask about them I don’t get lambasted for not reading his blog. CHECK.

    22. Train bowels. NEVER MIND.

  3. sam Says:

    man.. that seriously got me thinking about life right now, how it used to be and how I wanted it to be, changes and things that have gotten in the way.. I sure want those glory days to follow me (who doesn’t!), with God’s help, for the rest of my life!
    thanks, and I really mean it. you may not realise how much this spoke to me!

  4. bulk cheese Says:

    i want to meet the bowels person. we will get on wrote that for me didn’t you…


    great blog as always Dan.


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