Don’t abandon ship, trade it in

June 10th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog; equipped with a rudder, mast and sail and a group of men trying to fish, who learnt from their father, who learnt from their father, who learnt from their father who wasn’t very good. So instead of researching proper fishing techniques they believe the best way to do it, is to use your cardboard as bait and fish whilst grooving to Abba songs. They are yet to catch a fish but they did all get parts in the local production of Mamma Mia.

As per usual I am going to take the intro and use it as a segway into today’s episode. Also as per usual I am going to spell segway the way I have just done. I think I have been doing these intros for a few months now and it was only last week that Dave Wakerley decided to tell me that the correct spelling of “the smooth transition from one topic to another” is spelt ‘segue’ and that I have been spelling the motorised people-mover ‘segway’ for a month now. Thank for taking your time to correct me Dave, now help me out one more time. How do you spell ‘Bad Friend’????

So the fishing boat intro segues into today’s episode called:

Don’t abandon ship, trade it in

Many people are confused about what I do for a job. In previous episodes I have revealed to the world that I don’t work for the affore-mentioned bad friend Dave, making kids productions that go around the world, but that I do that on a part-time volunteer basis. Nor do I work for myself full-time performing as Funny Man Dan (FMD), speaking at conferences and also finding time to write this genius blog. I am actually an Assistant Bank Manager.

I have worked for my company for 2.5 years now. I started as a sales consultant and after 10 months I got promoted to an Assistant Bank Manager. I did that for a year and then I took over the Store Manager role for 3 months as a secondment (fill-in) role. During that time it was one of the toughest times in work. I had just come back to work after taking a month off to be with My Princess and newly born Little Princess, only to find that my manager had moved on and I was asked to take over for 3 months. Those 3 months were extreamly valuable, I learnt a lot but it was very very hard as the entire store’s expectation of sales, compliance, staffing, policies and procedures fell on me. Part of me wanted out!!!

A job came up within the company that I was qualified for, that would take me out of a Store. I applied straight-away, thinking it would save me from my troubles. I received lots of interest back about my application and I thought I was set. Within a few weeks I would abandon this sinking ship and be saved. Well…it didn’t work like that.

Phone calls were made every few days to be told things were being delayed by another few days and my interview would be soon. Meanwhile I was still in store, working on bringing it to a good place, which I did successfully. Soon they appointed a new Manager to take over and I was moved to a different branch to resume my role as an Assistant Store Manager.

In the end the role I had applied for got withdrawn and I did not get the interview. By the time that happened I was okay with it. I didn’t need saving anymore as my ship was fixed and work was going great. I had passed on a great store to the new Manager and I had moved to another great store. I had passed through the storm and I was really enjoying my work. I was very happy to stay in my current role for many years.

But guess what, things don’t always happen how we think.

Another job came up in head office that a friend told me I should apply for. It looked good, but I was happy in my job but I thought I would apply anyway just to see. I clicked three buttons to apply as all my details were on the system from the last application and I forgot about it. I didn’t stess about it, or pray that it would save me. Funny enough, I ended up getting an interview and then a second interview a week later. Twice in my life already I have been interviewed for a role and received a call to offer it to me within two hours (when I was told it would be a day or two). After this second interview, this job became the third.

This is just perfect timing as now I am not abandoning ship, but trading it in, and I can pass on what I have achieved in my role to the next person who is taking it. This way was harder but much more rewarding.

So what is the job? Well if you thought it sounded hilarious that Funny Man Dan was an Assistant Bank Manager, it must sound even more so, that he is now a Senior Business Analyst.

Have Fun.


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  1. Sam Says:

    Add me to the bad friend category with Dave. I am way behind in my fees reader and had not read this sooner. I apologize my friend. BTW your Segway bit was hilarious I do that all the time use the right word at the wrong time. Congrats on the promotion. We make our plans but God directs our steps.


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