Now you tell me

June 3rd, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog, with lights, hip hop music and that type of dancing that just looks like people are trying to get rid of a swarm of bees that are near them. I believe it is called Crumping.

I do remember watching a dance crew doing their moves and it was all fairly standard until the boys stopped the dance. With arms raised in the air they cautioned the crowd that something big was about to happen. The music rose then changed and it happened. Four grown men did what looked like attempting to take their shirt and pants off, just by shaking their body. Part of me said “are you serious”, but the other part said “are you kidding me, this is the greatest thing in the world!!!!!!”.

Speaking of the greatest thing in the world that is a nice segway into today’s episdoe. No, the topic has nothing to do with that phrase, but The Thursday Blog itself is the definition. Enough self-praise, today’s topic is called:

“Now you tell me”

If you can read this, leave a comment & say ‘ps. banana’ and u are a winner!!!!

Have you ever had something in life happen, where a little information could have gone a long long way and saved you a bucket load of time, money and in some extreme cases a pet giraffe?

I had one of those situations just the other day. Shall I tell you about it? No? Ok.

Have Fun





Now that that random person who said no is gone, I can tell the story to the other 893 million people who are still reading.

Let me start the story by letting you know I am a very attractive guy. For those who haven’t met me you might think “that is a bit of a prideful thing to say”, and those who have met me would think “that is a bit of an understatement”. You have read before, my secret to this attractiveness when I became the Sexy Beast but no matter how amazingly beautiful specimen of a man I was, there was always one thing letting me down – my hair.

My hair and I have an understanding. I don’t bother it and it doesn’t bother me and once every now and then I get it shaved off. I have tried getting style cuts because you sit there in the chair for an hour only to look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself as 15 years old. Plus due to my hair growing back so quickly (probably because I am the beast), a style cut needs another style cut in about 3.5 weeks. So now I get it shaved off and forget about it until I get an official warning from work (just a joke – I have a fantastic job though a bank manager with ‘just got out of bed hair’ doesn’t fly); then I shave it off again. So my hair and I are good friends, but it is what lies beneath the hair that is the problem.

Since a young boy I have had dandruff! Flakey, embarrassing dandruff that I would avoid anything touching my hair, as it had the similar effect of banging two chalkboard dusters together. This plagued me all through my childhood. My parents gladly would try and help and bought me expensive dandruff shampoo but it always seems to make it worse. It was like it brought it all to the surface and made my black hair look like a lamington. My grandfather had a better idea and put me on an old-school remedy that is guaranteed to work – Dog Soap. In my life I have washed my hair with over 10 bars of dog soap, only to still have dandruff (though it did get rid of my fleas).

I also sought medical advice, who simply told me to use Head and Shoulders for 20 minutes before my shower (oh the joy), and wouldn’t believe me when I said that dandruff shampoo made it worse.

So after over 20 years of spending an exuberant amount of money on shampoo, dog soap, and not being able to wear black shirts at work, I needed to get my head shaved again. I sat down in the chair and the hairdresser said “do you know that you have Psoriasis on your scalp?”


“Psoriasis. It is like dandruff but needs to be treated differently. Whatever you do, don’t use dandruff shampoo, it just makes it worse”.

She told me to treat it with mint shampoo, conditioner and wax and it would finally get better. It was the best $12 I have ever spent.

We can learn one thing from this amazing hairdresser – you cannot underestimate the power of your knowledge. She thought that this was plain uninteresting knowledge, yet she shared it anyway. I have been getting my hair cut for years and not once did the numerous amount of hairdressers decide to say anything. They probably thought I knew.

What do you know? Please share your knowledge and experience with those you meet because you never know how much of a positive impact it can have. Now I just need to chat to a nose hair specialist.

Have Fun.


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2 Responses to “Now you tell me”

  1. Robbo Says:

    Hilarious!!! and quite interesting.

  2. JC Says:

    Never thought I would say this but

    “great insight from a story about dandruff and a wise hairstylist”

    great blog as always Dan!!!

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