The Point of No Return

May 27th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Thursday Blog, filled with a camping tent, hiking boots and a pointed stick.

Most would believe that this is a segway into a camping story but instead the link is much looser using the second last word, in today’s episode called:

The Point of No Return

There I was, no older than the age of 15, still quite surprised to find myself standing on the edge of an 11 metre (36 foot) cliff-face being taunted. The wind was picking up, the sun had briefly disappeared and there was no way I was jumping off. That is why I was being taunted.

Let’s rewind for a moment

Waiting, waiting, movement, tight squeeze, bright lights, crying, sound of my father exclaiming “its a boy”…… Sorry, I rewound too far!

We were in a car on the way to Melrose Quarry. A former mining quarry that hit water, and now it was filled to the top of the massive hole with beautiful fresh limewater. An entrepreneur thought he could still make money with the quarry, maybe even more than the mining company; so he made it a swimming hole and charged $1 entry and each week tens and tens and tens of people would visit. The greatest thing about this swimming hole was that the cliff faces varied in size, so that people could jump off them into the water. That was the reason for our visit.

TheĀ friend I was with was a Melrose Quarry junkie. He had been many times and would often brag about the jumps he had done. I had only been with a holiday camp group and we were only allowed to jump off the small ones. My friend, eager to show off, took me to the dreaded 7 metre (23 foot) jump. He jumped off without hesitation. 20 minutes later I was still up the top and my friend had jumped off and climbed back up 6 times already, each time calling me a girl. Finally I jumped in the hope that it would put an end to this trip. Unfortunately it did not.

He took me to the complete other side of the quarry. We walked past the smaller jumps as I remembered a more safe and simpler day in my life. We then came to the one they called “The Top”, as it was the highest cliff-face that you could jump off. We looked over the 14 metre edge (46 foot) and both cringed. That was something that even my friend had not attempted. We kept walking and came to the second-highest jump standing at 11 metres (36 feet). My friend recently after many visits got the courage to jump off this one, which he did and taunted me from below.

Something on the inside clicked and I knew what I had to do…I picked up a massive rock and threw it down at his head…No, that is what I wanted to do, but my mind had something better. Next thing I knew I was climbing the mountain and I was looking down the 14 metres off ‘The Top’. All I had to do was get myself to the point of no return. But the point of no return was to jump off a cliff and that was way too hard. So I did something quite clever for a young man, I moved back the point of no return a few steps.

I knew if I ran towards the edge I would jump. But my body wouldn’t start running. So I decided on another step. I made up a chant and decided that when I finished that chant I would start running, therefore resulting in me jumping. I couldn’t bring myself to jump, I was too scared, but I could bring myself to start a chant. It did take me a few goes but after a few minutes, to the shock of my friend, I started my chant and then ran towards the edge and jumped. The car ride home was pure bliss as my friend sat silently whilst I smiled smugly.

I had forgotten about this life lesson as I don’t jump off many cliffs these days, until last week when I decided to start doing some push-ups. These are not ordinary push-ups but ones that work your entire body as it takes me 30 seconds to do one (I only do 4 at a time). It is almost impossible to get me to start these as who in the world wants to do push-ups. So I took it back a step. I have a song on my ipod that I decided if I start playing it, 10 seconds in when the music changes, I would start doing push-ups. It is hard to start the exercise, but it is easy to start a song.

So if there is something in life that you really dont like to start, then push the starting line back a bit and hit your task with a run-up!

Have Fun.


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3 Responses to “The Point of No Return”

  1. Wayne Stocks Says:

    One of my great pleasures in life, living this side of the ocean, is that I actually get the Thursday Blog on Wednesday evening. Somehow it just makes me feel ahead of the game. Great post as usual! Keep up the great work.

  2. samw Says:

    Great blog as usual!
    I know exactly the feeling when you have to push yourself to do something your mind tells you not to: I recently went to new zealand and went bungy jumping on the Nevis 134m bungy in queenstown, it’s absolutely insane! On top of the fact that it’s a 134m jump is there’s NO room for a run-up!

    Where is this Melrose Quarry? 11m sounds like a piece of cake compared to a 134m bungy ;-)
    also, what is the song you mentioned if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Wow. Thats awesome. A friend of mine has done that. We went of the Sydney Bridge Climb together and they said it was 134 metres to the water and he said ‘I have bungee jumped that’.

    I am sure you would tackle the Quary with no trouble.

    The song is Picture Frames by Georgia Fair.

    Always good to hear from you Sam.

    Have Fun


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