“Something so beautiful”

May 13th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another loving episode of The Thursday Blog featuring hope, joy and one of those flower things that are in the shape of a ball that you blow on, and they float away in the wind … except for one little bit that seems to hang on even though all the other bits flew off so easily, it is a wonder how it is still there, and after a few more blows it needs to be picked off.

Flowers are beautiful and I would like to share something special in today’s episode called:

Something so beautiful

On Sunday in the great land of Australia we celebrated our national treasure. No it was not the array of big things that are throughout our land, such as the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple or the Big Prawn (which can still be seen in the town of Ballina but the visitor centre has closed it down so it doesn’t feel like an Australian icon when you can’t buy tacky souvenirs); but instead we celebrated mothers for it was Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day was very special for us because this was our first mother’s day that we got to spend with our incredible 5 month old Little Princess. As we celebrated I realised something. I am very lucky.

I am not sure if you understand who my Princess is. When I first met this incredible woman I was blown away by her beauty, her passion for life and her love for people. We became very good friends for awhile until I realised that I didn’t want to hang out with anyone else besides my best friend. During our time of friendship and dating I have been able to witness this woman grow and change. I saw her develop strong self-confidence as she discovered how truly valuable she is. I witnessed her sense of humour develop into a comedic genius that could put me to shame if she really wanted to. I have seen her become a home-maker as she blessed our marriage with building our home where ever we would live. But over the last year I have been able to witness something incredible. This is something so beautiful that it is breathtaking. I have witnessed my Princess become a mother.

I am gifted with words but my gift does not have the power to describe such a sight. The creation of a mother is something that will astound this world time after time. From the moment my Princess was pregnant she started to change. Yes she started to look different but it was more than that. It was like time stopped and she was operating under a new way of life. She knew our child deeply and her whole body was nurturing and protecting our little one. She moved slower, but with patience as now her choices affected both her and our child. She operated on a different level that I had never seen.

My Princess loves, and that is what she does best. When I first met her I couldn’t help but notice how much she loves her family. As we grew closer together I have never been left wanting for her love and almost six months ago I witnessed an amazing sight. The day she held our Little Princess in her arms I knew it had gone to another level.

It has been amazing to witness how she loves. She doesn’t just love with her words but she loves with everything she is. I have seen how she talks to our child, how she dresses her, changes her nappies (diapers), feeds her, reads to her, and never complains about her. I have seen her yawn, exhausted from tiredness as our child cries out, but still gets up to smile at her and bless her with her love. I can’t believe that I have been receiving this love for years yet it is only until I see it shared with someone else that I can learn to appreciate it more.

Happy Mother’s Day my Princess. Thank you for being the something so beautiful that I get to look at everyday.

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  1. Alison Says:

    “Those flower things in the shape of a ball…” Dandelions?

  2. Steve Says:

    Yay for Jas!!

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