Slowly getting better, slowly getting harder

May 6th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another revealing episode of The Thursday Blog, featuring back-up singers, full stage band, and a small boy who beatboxes and technically is classified as just above average; but because he is young and cute and the only beatboxer in his town he is hailed as a prodigy. His name is Dale, and he is coming up after the weather.

So what would you like to have on today’s episode? It is your choice. Simply copy and paste the body of the episode into a word doc, and replace any key words on the topic I will be airing with the topic of your choice.

The other option is just to enjoy this week’s episode which is quite good but I still wanted to give you the option.

Today’s episode is called:

Slowly getting better, slowly getting harder.

The time is 4:40am and my Princess says to me those all-important words: “She is up”.

For all the parents reading this they would know exactly what I am talking about. That little child that you love with all your heart has totally forgotten about the talk you had to them about proper sleeping times; and they are up early and depending what age they are, they want milk/food/toilet/play time. My Little Princess being 5 months old wanted food and then by request of my Princess, a Nappy (diaper) change.

I said to my Princess at 4:40am “good luck” and rolled back over and fell asleep. Next thing I knew I was up out of bed and my Princess was asleep. How did that happen? Oh yeah, I promised last week to cover the morning feeds and the bit about saying “good luck” only took place in my head. Luckily my body didn’t listen to my mind and got up immediately. Some could say I am a hero for taking on the morning feeds, but those people are probably husbands who think by elevating me to hero status it means they don’t have the same responsiblity.

Wife: “Did you read this week’s episode of The Thursday Blog? Maybe you should do the morning feeds”.

Husband: “Yeah, but I am sure that guy can fly and hold up burning buildings. There is no way you can put that same expectation on me”.

The truth of the matter is my Princess is the super hero spending her days caring and nurturing our special one and seems to do it with ease. Me on the other hand, is really good at hugs and play time but at all the other stuff I am a rookie. She is able to feed her, change her, play with her and cook dinner all whist juggling 3 balls and a chainsaw. It really is amazing to see someone do something that they are just made to do.

I am getting better at the feeding, but the nappy (diaper) change I am still getting used to. It is not the actual mess that gets me or the clean up required; it is that we are now in winter and it takes me forty minutes to take off all the clothes she is wearing to change her. Plus I want to know who in the world designs these baby clothes. Every single piece of clothing has a different button up style and you need a degree in trigonometry to work them out!

So after 2 weeks of these early mornings feeds (which are usually at 6:00am, it was just this morning I got extra lucky), I am tired.

Life is tiring and I believe it is designed to be. I have just started this year exercising, and I am taking it slow. I am just getting active and it was only until recently that I am trying to be a bit more specific in my training, instead of playing super hula hoop on the Wii Fit. After this first training session I hated it. I was so bad at it and I was tired after. But after a while I started getting better and guess what….. so did the exercise. The exercises got harder so the effort from the first session didn’t change, but my impact did.

Life is a lot like this. It is designed to tire you out and just as you get better at it, it becomes harder. You can choose to have that get you down or choose to run with it. Today may be hard but if you don’t quit and get through tomorrow, it may be just a bit harder, but you will be amazed at where life will take you if you keep running.

Have Fun


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  1. Glen Alan Woods Says:

    Thanks for the glimpse into your world. It is posts like this that give me hope for the blogosphere. Normal life lived out with meaning. I appreciate it.

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