“What can we learn from Musicals”

April 22nd, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to The Thursday Blog, filled with sugar, glucose and an advert that says 98% fat free; even though it is 108% sugar which will turn into fat.

I think it may be time for a series.

I don’t usually write series’ but I thought I would give it a go. But instead of doing a traditional series and spend 4-27 weeks on it, I am going to do one this week and then randomly continue the series in the future. This is a positive for you the reader and a positive for me the writer. Your positive is that it keeps each week exciting as you don’t know which episode you are going to get. My positive is that if the series does not work I can simply retire the idea but pretend the next part is just around the corner. This way I don’t have to go through the embarrassing task of admitting failure.

This series is called “What can we learn from…” and today’s episode is called:

“What can we learn from Musicals”


I am a big musical fan. Start with a big opening number, introduce a few main characters, throw in a plot line and another song, bring in a funny character that only appears for one scene but is a crowd favourite and has one amazing song and dance number, bring in some drama, then go to an interval. This explains the highs and lows of the musicals that I love.

Now with this series I want to start with the most cliche, boring and unable to walk (lame) lessons that you may have heard before, or even used before – sorry if I embarrass you. This will give me the fun opportunity afterwards to poke fun at my own suggestions as well as let’s you appreciate that The Thursday Blog is not a normal blog and is far from predictable.

So here are the boring ones.

What we can learn from Musicals -

(1) Be bold, face your fears and dance in public
Nice, go the old “free yourself from shyness but embarrass yourself trick”. There is a difference between being bold and standing up for what you believe in; and being ridiculous and trying to bust a move in the car park to boost your self-confidence. I am a big advocate of dancing in public but only when I feel like I want to, not to become more confident. The only reason they do it in musicals is because people are paying to see them to. Rule of thumb: if you feel silly, you look silly.

(2) Always take time to take a break, just like the intervals.
In the middle of the musicals there is a 25 minute interval and you are trying to relate that to life? Is that all I get? 25 minutes a day??? Man I better finish this episode soon and get back to my 23 hours and 35 minutes of work to do a day.

(3) Life is like a show, and you are the lead actor
Isn’t that nice, I really appreciate that. All I want to know is if I am the lead actor for my show, how many shows are out there? Close to 7 billion? If all of them are lead acting in their show, who is going to come and see mine? My ticket sales have gone to an all time low. Maybe I can get a job in the band for someone else’s show.

Now I have given you the possible bad analogy’s, here is my incredible andĀ originalĀ one:

Expression can lead to discovery

In every musical the lead character faces a major issue that they can’t get their head around. Seeing they don’t have the ability to do a montage they usually burst into song. This is the major “turning” song that through expressing their heartfelt frustration. They discover something that is much more powerful than a solution. They discover the issue.

Do you burst into song when you are wrestling with a problem? No, me neither but how do you express yourself? One of the ways I do it is I write. A perfect example is when I visited my hometown last year I was haunted with a strange feeling and I couldn’t work out what it was. I started to write a Thursday Blog episode not knowing if it would turn into anything or be able to be used and I discovered the issue. I was so happy I posted the episode called “the life that once was“. I would not have made that discovery if I didn’t have that outlet of expression.

So is it writing, playing guitar, chatting to a friend or chatting to yourself? Is it painting, poetry, building or destroying? You may not need to burst into these types of “songs” often; but when you do, make sure you know what you need to do to express yourself.

Have fun


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2 Responses to ““What can we learn from Musicals””

  1. Fat nisher Says:

    hi mate I love the blog, so true, and don’t forget, just when everything seems like it’s gonna go wrong, the show must go on. it’s all about having a positive attitude. I’ve started blogging again check it out at natfisher.blogspot.com cheers bro.

  2. Mirjam Says:

    Dude, I LOVE! Musicals :D They are so much fun! I’ve seen Tarzan 4 times! (I know, I’m a loser, but I don’t care!)
    And thankyouverymuch for the deep insight on the actuall meaning of them.
    Whoops! I’m at work, better hurry my but off this computer and start expressing myself.. eh.. I mean, get some work done w/ the kids! :) Have a nice wknd! :p

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