Needs and wants, which is greater?

April 1st, 2010

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Let’s get to today’s episode…now today’s episode is going to be completely different. It is time I hung up the writer’s cap for one week and get a guest writer. This is no ordinary guest writer but this is someone whose point of view could be so powerful it could radically change the history of the world which is impossible because it is history and it has already happened; and I am now thinking I should of written “future of the world”, but it is getting late and I don’t have time to alter it . This amazing guest writer is none other than…..


I have a topic I want to share and I invite you, in fact I dare you, to have a think about it and write down your point of view, your life lesson, your revelation and I believe it will help someone. This is not about answering a question and being right but discussing a topic and exploring the possible answers. I have a lot of readers, I know because I check the stats from time to time (9am to 9pm daily) but a lot of you will simply read and enjoy. Now is the week to add your $84 dollars worth (because what you have to say is worth way more than 2 cents)

So comment on the topic, comment on other people’s comments, comment on how your day has been (it’s not really helpful but still appreciated).

Ok today’s topic is:

Needs and wants, which is greater?

We live in a society that is driven by its wants. The wants of the promotion, the new car, the house, the status, the girlfriend or boyfriend, the fame, the fortune, the new i-phone 3GSXTVF. These passions for the things we want have driven society to advance. There is a want for a faster car so it is created. There is a want for a better computer so it comes out on the market. There is a want for a machine that will work on your abs for only 3 minutes a day and has the convenience of 5 easy payments. The wants of our society have driven us to greatness. But is there a force more powerful?

The power of a need should never been underestimated. There have been hundreds if not thousands of cases of people doing the most incredible things to fill a need. A man once in Brisbane, Australia got attacked late at night by a shark. He made it to shore but lost a leg and was bleeding all over. He was at a deserted beach so he dragged himself 2 kilometres (1.25 miles), with a leg missing and losing blood every second, to finally get to a house that could help. He was driven by a need to live. This need took him further than he could normally go.

So the question is what is greater, needs or wants? There are many situations in life where this comes to play and I want to hear what you think?

Are wants selfish? Are needs boring? How do you determine what is a want and what is a need? These are some of the questions that need to be answered. I encourage you, have fun with this, step out, write something bold and think in a different way than you ever have before. This question isn’t just about if you want/need a new pair of shorts, but a question that is relevant in many parts of lives. Which is greater, needs or wants?

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages, introducing the most amazing guest writer The Thursday Blog has ever seen. Please put your hands together for ……………. (that’s where you come in, have fun. Dan.)…

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9 Responses to “Needs and wants, which is greater?”

  1. Barry Newton Says:

    Needs VS Wants huh? Interesting.

    We so often mush the two together. I know sometimes I blur the lines between need and want.

    Dan, you’ve made me stop and think.

    I submit the following…

    To us, our NEEDS are more important than our WANTS due to the fact that our needs are rooted in what God has given us to do. The only reason we NEED something is because its directly linked to our destiny. I’ve been called to make kids laugh so I NEED a sense of humour. Someone else who has been called to be an accountant NEEDS a degree. I NEED air to breathe, I NEED to eat, and to be warm, and to be loved. Everything else is gravy, or… cream, or… cheese… depending on your dietary requirements.

    However, tell the big chick to turn off her microphone cause I’m not done.

    To GOD, our needs and our wants are the same. One isn’t more important than the other. Our worth to God isn’t wrapped up in our destiny, it’s wrapped up in US. His Son died without our destiny on the scales. Now don’t misread me here, of course He desires us to fulfill the plan He has for our lives and we should obey His promptings which propel us down that path. However, our needs and our wants are mute points to God, He wants to give us both.

    That’s my take on the question at hand Dan.


    Barry Newton
    King of Hearts Creative Resources

  2. AJ Says:

    I think our Needs are more than physical possessions – more than money can buy or that you can acquire alone. There is an underlying need to be accepted, belong, be loved, find value have meaning & purpose. I think we try & fulfill these needs with what are ultimately our wants (the things/possessions in life). When “things” cant fill our void or make us whole, we move on to the next “thing” hoping that it will somehow complete us. We get into a cycle of consumerism, lose perspective & try to find happiness & satisfaction in what is ultimately empty.

    Obviously, Im going to go out on the extreme view & say we think we NEED way more than we do. “I need to talk to you”.. well will you die if you dont? “I need a new pair of jeans” .. Will your life end if you dont get them? .. I think we can sometimes lose touch with reality.

    In saying all of that, wants make life more pleasant & comfortable… I think they for sure have their place, as long as we realize things will never make us happy.

    Strong point of view I know, Im not sure if its the response u wanted or if i even stayed on topic.. haha.. but there u have it!

    Much love.

  3. Sam Says:

    I think needs are a slave to wants. In our sin nature our wants scream much louder than our needs can whisper.

    I believe the hope of the world is when we get to the place were we realize that our wants will always be skewed and always be unfulfilling when they are realized outside of the priorities and context of the cross.

    When we come to the place where we understand what the gospel is all about how despite everything good and bad we have ever done Christ died for us and he beckons us to live for him.

    When we recognize our NEED for him our WANTS change in focus. Where we would WANT to do something for ourselves because we felt we had a NEED, we now live a life where we see NEEDS all around us and we WANT to do something about it. Not because we are so great or so caring but because we understand the transformational power of the Gospel.


  4. Dan Says:


    Thanks for your guest blogging skills AJ, Barry and FMS. I am really pumped you answered the call.

    I am off to Brisbane so I am going to check back in in a few days to continue reading the other invited guest writers (thats you).

    Feel free to add your thoughts or comment on someone else’s. What ever you do make sure you:

    Have Fun


  5. Daniel White Says:

    Well, Dudes and Dudettes,

    In my opinion a need is really anything necessary to support human life. Air, Food, Water, can’t think of many more.

    I could basically group any other thing into a category of want.

    On the culture side of things. It’s hard to even group things like clothes, transportation, vehicles, health, or basic hygiene into the category of needs. Because other countries and cultures have shown us that people are capable of living without any of these things. Which would mean that anything that does not support or sustain life would be considered a want.

    Like what has been said before by others, most westernized cultures have categorized almost every want into a need. I don’t truthfully need anything that I have.

    A few of the reasons that I love this sort of mindset is that

    #1. It let’s me realize as Paul says “To be content in all situations” If I have my basic needs and can live; every other want is secondary and if I lose it, can’t afford it, or have it taken away from me, I’m fine. Because I know that my basic needs will be supplied by God.

    Philippians 4:12
    I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

    #2. As believers I feel like we both Need and Want God. We know that we have no life without God. That he is in fact one of our basic necessities. Food, Water, Air, Jesus. In having this mindset of what a need is, for me it makes saying that I need Jesus more important. I literally am telling God that if I didn’t have Him I would die, that He supports me and holds me together. But at the same time I don’t deny the fact that I want God either. The joy, love, peace, and every other good thing that is a byproduct of my relationship with the Lord are all things that I want daily.

    I love the idea of Needing and Wanting Jesus and seeing the difference of what the two are.

    As Tozer said in a prayer, “I am painfully conscious of my need of further grace. I am ashamed of my lack of desire. O God, the Triune God, I want to want Thee”

  6. Kieran (Special K) Says:


    Hmmm, very interesting topic.

    I guess that no matter how hard we try and discuss which is greater, ultimately they are pretty much keeping each other going.

    What I mean by this is for example, when a Church out grows it’s building capacity, ultimately we NEED a new and bigger building, however loss of life would not occur if we didn’t get that new building because it’s not a nesessity in keeping us alive, it is however fueled by a WANT, we are fulfilling the NEED for a new building by WANTING a bigger and better building.

    Obviously our 3 CONCRETE NEEDS are, FOOD, SHELTER & CLOTHING. Without 1 of these 3 NEEDS our chances of survival are extremely minimal.

    But to spin that around even more, when we are hungry we first WANT to eat something, we WANT to fulfill our NEED. But when we don’t eat for a number of days, we then NEED to eat or we could die (ultimately).

    To sum it up, just putting it out there, I think that NEEDS & WANTS are equal in a way because they fuel eachother.

    Keeping in mind, if our WANTS outweigh our NEEDS, then they are simply just wants. I want a new car, but I don’t actually NEED one, I just want one.


    Interetsed to see where this topic goes.

    You the man dan.

    Kieran Short.
    Aka Special K.

  7. Cadu Says:

    I think that sometimes we want things just because our needs are not met.

    For example, people sometimes want to eat chocolate (or something similar) or go on a shopping spree because they are sad, lonely, anxious, you name it…

    Maybe we try to hide our needs with wants?

    Of course, I am not saying that all wants have their root on a need, but I am sure this happens many times…

    For now this is what I have to say… more to come, I guess… :P


  8. sam w Says:

    Such an important topic, but so often overlooked in today’s society.

    We get so wrapped up in everyday “needs” that we forget what we think we need, is actually just something we *want*.
    I guess this isn’t particularly surprising, considering the image & advertising that is constantly portrayed in the media, TV, etc.

    We are constantly being told that what we are or have isn’t enough…

    A song that comes to my mind is U2′s masterpiece “Beautiful Day”:
    “What you don’t have you don’t need it now
    What you don’t know you can feel it somehow
    What you don’t have you don’t need it now
    Don’t need it now
    Was a beautiful day”

    Indeed wouldn’t it be a beautiful day if we put off getting what we don’t HAVE (WANT) now, because we simply don’t NEED it now!

    enough from me, that’s all that comes to mind right now..

    I think Barry Newton’s comment was also what I had in mind, great points!:
    “To us, our NEEDS are more important than our WANTS due to the fact that our needs are rooted in what God has given us to do.”
    “To GOD, our needs and our wants are the same. One isn’t more important than the other.”

  9. Daniel White Says:

    Whoops never answered the original question. I think needs are more important.

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