The Man That Once Was

March 18th, 2010

Hello and Welcome to another deep episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to have survived water depths of over 13000 feet. Hidden beneath the water’s surface, lies a ship very far below. So far down it would take 10 Empire State buildings on top of each other to reach it. Unfortunately there is only 1 Empire State building in the world, and I don’t think it particularly wants to go underwater with 9 other replica’s to touch the ship – even if it got promised to be the one on the end that gets to touch it. On top of which what would the building do once it touched it? Further more where would we find a machine strong enough to hold the Empire State buildings in place without dropping them? This goes to show even if something is a fact, it doesn’t mean it’s practical.

In a recent deep dive to the Titanic they found some passenger’s documents; a necklace some old lady threw away; and a handwritten episode of The Thursday Blog. Yes, handwritten is one of the many ways you can subscribe to this World Famous Blog. Other ways include RSS feed, email subscription, and having me yell it out over the fence*. So no matter where you are you can get your weekly dose of The Thursday Blog – your mid-week guide to life.

As many of you would know I am on a weight-loss journey since the start of this year. I used to weigh 55kg (around 121 pounds) which is very light but in the heathy range. Then I put on 14kg in a month and continued to put on a bit over the years until I reached 82.7kg (around 182 pounds). You can get the whole story here and then read here. Now a few months on things have really changed and I am starting to think about this week’s topic. This episode is called:

“The Man That Once Was”

I am starting to look like the man that once was, but at the end of the day is that the direction I should be taking? In the world of weight-loss many people were not always their current size, and spend years trying to get back to the person they once were. This transfers over to health and fitness – many people there have a story about how they used to ride, used to run track, used to have a “killer serve”, used to dance the night away. This can also be found in relationships as we look back to the time when we supposedly fell in love and now it feels different.

So we set the goals to get back to the man or woman that once was. We jump back into training, we join the gym, we set up a date night with our partners, we go to church, we call our parents, we go on a diet. All of this to try and regain what is seemingly lost. Whilst all of these things are a great positive thing to do, I would like to propose that it is the wrong motivation.

I once met a girl who told me a story about how life was for her, the previous September. She was healthy, happy, had a job, had a bunch of friends, got involved in a church (I don’t care who you are, it is a good thing to do); and felt like things were going great. Now it was January and she was still healthy, still working, still at church, still had friends; but something was different. She felt like last September she was growing as a person at a phenomenal rate and now it was January and it wasn’t the same. She kept saying to me that she had to get back to the way she was in September. It has been 7 years now and she has left her circle of friends and is nowhere to be found. I would assume she didn’t make her goal.

Why do we dream of the past and not the future. Why do we pour all our efforts into recreating the person we used to be, instead of discovering the possibilities of who we could be.

As I lose more weight I get closer and closer to 70.5 kg (around 155 pounds). That will mean that my BMI will be under 25 and I will not be overweight anymore. I will look closer to the man that I once thought I could never become again…but that is okay; I will be better.

I am currently at 70.9kg, 400 grams to go.

Have Fun


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4 Responses to “The Man That Once Was”

  1. rob Bradbury Says:

    there’s a snickers bar on my desk with your name on it…

  2. Dan lee-Archer Says:


    Well I am sure I will have burnt it all off when I run back to Sydney.

    You are the man Rob.

  3. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls of all ages. I have weighed myself this morning (19/03/2010) and I had my eyes closed.

    When it weighs you if you are overweight it plays a song with deep notes, if you are ideal weight it plays a song with light notes.

    I had my eyes closed, the video camera on and it ………… played the light notes song.

    I am officially ideal weight and for the first time in over 4 years i am not overweight.

    Have Fun


  4. Sarah Harland Says:

    It feels like a crime to read the Thursday blog on a Saturday… but it is still just as inspiring and exciting to read today as I’m sure it was 2 days ago.

    Thanks for the great story! Very encouraging to look to the future not the past!

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