The Marathon Runners’ Sprint

March 11th, 2010

Hello and welcome to another mesmerising episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to be used by a stage hypnotist. Barry Marvel was widely regarded as the best hypnotist there was. This was only said by those people who had met him in person or seen his show. That brings up the thought that he wasn’t really the greatest, but just hypnotising those who saw the show to say those things. If this is the case it would be an extraordinary feat and would most likely earn him the title of ‘greatest ever’, so that thought can be laid to sleep…..when I click my fingers.

Barry was famous for being able to hypnotise almost anyone even if they tried to resist. Towards the end of his career he came across an audience member who was just unshakeable. Dale Urnest from Kentucky was a burley truck driver and spent most of his days saying his favourite word “nope”. When Barry tried to get him under, it looked like it was working. He told Dale that he was to bark like a dog when he clapped his hands. Dale opened his eyes, Barry said “bark like a dog” and clapped, and Dale said “nope”. Barry tried everything and almost resorted to begging (which may have worked but makes for an uninteresting show), until he had a brain wave. He got out his laptop and said “oh look at this, this week’s episode of The Thursday Blog says we should all bark like a dog”.

The entire audience including Dale barked.

Is it just me or are these intros out of control. I love it.

Today was a really important day and it provides our subject matter for this week’s episode called:

“The Marathon Runners’ Sprint”

Today was my last day at my current store/branch and tomorrow I start at a new store. Some people get moved between stores a lot, but this will only be the 2nd move since starting with the bank over 2 years ago – and at my current store I was a part of the original team that opened the store 16 months ago. There have been a lot of good times at my store but I don’t want to focus on them. Let’s focus on the negatives.

Hang on, the negatives??? This coming from a man who created an episode called “The Glass is 1/8 full”? This coming from a man who has the song “always look on the bright side of life” by Monty Python as his ringtone; this coming from the man who no matter what he looks like in the morning still believes he is the Sexy Beast????

I am not going to talk about any negative experiences or even about the positive ones, because this platform is not the avenue for such things. Over the last 16 months there have been some great experiences and some challenging and sometimes negative experiences; and I want to look at how I feel about them now.

But first, let’s talk about the Biggest Loser. The TV show, not a person.

Today on the Australian version the contestants ran a half marathon in training for the full marathon they will run in a month or so. It showed the contestants going through the challenge and what surprised me is how they all finished. Some of them ran all the way but some of them couldn’t. When you weigh 130 kg (286 pounds) you try running the whole 21 km (13 miles). One of them even after running fine for the first 15 km (9.3 miles), started to walk and then just collapsed. After being cleared by a medic she walked the rest of the way. Even when the walkers came to the finish line, they were running and looked good. After they finished they didn’t collapse but seemed as though they could keep going even though they chose not to.

This is a phenomenon I like to call the Marathon runner’s sprint. After everything they had gone through, when the end was in sight there was a sprint inside of them and the pain from the journey seemed far away.

This is exactly what I have experienced in my last day at work today. I have passed the finish line, remembering the good times and already forgetting about the painful challenges. I could go on and do another year at my store, though I choose to move on.

Remembering this in my day-to-day life can be useful as we can see pain for what it will ultimately become: an afterthought!

Have Fun


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