Everybody wants to be famous

March 4th, 2010

Hello everyone and Welcome to another impulse-buying episode of The Thursday Blog. The only blog in history to be featured in a Sears (department store) catalogue. In May 2009 Sears decided to sell a top-of-the-range computer called the Vartio made by IBM. It had all the bells and whistles, and because it was so jam-packed full of the latest technology they left no room for great value. The price point was a good 60% higher then other computers on sale. Then the Head of Sales had an idea and they advertised “IBM Varito $7900, comes with a free subscription to The Thursday Blog”.

This idea was hailed to be a great success because the general public would not mind paying so much for the computer if they always got the life-changing value of The Blog subcription. Sale day came and the strategy failed. The general public were excited by the offer but seeing that The Thursday Blog was just a freebee thrown in, everybody thought that it wouldn’t be the real deal, just some cheap imitation probably written on a Monday. The Head of Sales under the pressure of losing his head (being demoted, as in not the head anymore, not killed) had one final idea. The next catalogue read “The Official Thursday Blog Subscription $7900, comes with a free IBM Varito”. They were sold out by lunch time.

For all those who thought that since this world-famous Blog has turned One, that there might of been a different intro. Happily they were wrong! The thought of changing it did cross my mind but I am still having too much fun with the intros so I soldiered on.

Today’s episode is something I have been pondering on for at least 75 mins, but I assure you that it was some high-quality pondering as it will be this week’s episode called:

“Everybody wants to be famous”

Whilst I was taking part in a sport that I am quite talented at – Surfing…Channel Surfing (play Bond music) – I discovered the final episode of a great littleĀ game show called “I survived a Japanese game show”. Basically they take a group of Americans to play the Japanese game show called “Majide”, which means in Japanese slang “Seriously”. For what I saw of it it was a fun show where the 2 finalists had to complete the following challenges:

* Sit on a chair that spun at 35 miles (56km) per hour and get dizzy
* Ride a kids tricycle over a bridge
* Sit on massive balloons that resembled eggs to pop them and have the yoke go everywhere
* Craw under a platform through a pit of flowers (the yoke made it stick to you)
* Grab velcro pads for your hands and climb your way up a vertical velcro treadmill wall
* Eat 3 Japanese food balls (incredbily hard to chew)
* Grab a rope and swing through a door, one made of paper (that made you win) or the other made of brick (that made you hurt)

So obviously it was the greatest show on earth.

The part that got me was not the crazy game but before the final challenge they took the two finalists to a bit of a ceremony. There were about 200 people spilt down the middle by a red carpet and they were screaming as the finalists came out. They were signing autographs, high-fiving people and the crowd were cheering them on. Through this the finalists were blown away, they were loving it. They both got presented with return flights to Japan to visit again. One of the guys commented later in the studio “I am going to come back soon and sign some more autographs”.

Now this is where my negative voice piped up. “Sign some more autographs, not likely. There are 200 people who know you in a country of 127 million, you won’t be asked for autographs when you come back!” After I told myself to shut up I thought about fame and how it is a real desire in everybody to be known. Both contestants said later “this has been the greatest experience of my life” and they really meant it. There were only 200 people cheering them on but that was enough for them to believe that they were a superstar.

This highlights a very unique opportunity for us all. It does not take much to make people feel like they are known, valued and can conquer anything that they set out to achieve. For these guys it was 200 cheering people, all of them whom they did not know…but for someone else it could just be a Twitter @ reply from someone they respect. It could be at the next event greeting people with a “Wow, thanks for coming”. It could be a comment on someone’s blog to let them know that you have read what they are sharing with the world. It could even be as simple as a handshake.

Everybody wants to be famous and I am everybody’s biggest fan.

Have Fun


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6 Responses to “Everybody wants to be famous”

  1. Wayne Stocks Says:


    Great post. I came across that game show several months ago. I felt a little guilty sitting there watching it. I’ve been laid up with a bad back for the last 6-7 weeks which has afforded me some time to watch TV. I thought that show was the worst game show I had ever come across until I found a marathon on the Fox Reality Channel called “Who Wants to be Superhero.” The idea was take ordinary people and turn them into superheroes. Complete with corny superhero type tasks, cheesy special effects and storyline including super human sized giants, it made me wonder about the limit of what people will subject themselves to these days for 15 minutes of fame. I started to feel really empathetic towards them until i realized they are only able to do it because I was willing to sit there and watch it. I think it says a lot about our culture in the world today.

  2. Paul Campkin Says:

    Yep – certainly have read what you are sharing with the world… famous at least to one person (me.) Is it not funny how the full stop is supposed to be inside the bracket there?

    High quality and excellant pondering indeed.

    Love it!

    Paul C

    PS. This comment is my attempt at being famous…

  3. Wayne Stocks Says:

    By the way, can I have your autograph? :)

  4. Jamie Doyle Says:

    FMD -
    Thanks for making me feel famous at times – Here’s my autograph

    Jamie Doyle (it just doesn’t have the same effect from a keyboard)

  5. Liane Says:

    Just to let you know that I have read what you are sharing with the world….

  6. Sarah Says:

    I’ve seen that show a few times. I find it crazy what some people are willing to go through for fame (like your examples above!)

    at the same time, I can’t help but try and think of ways to steal their ideas and use them for messy games in kids church… I loved watching them dive for a wall in their Velcro suits! They had to jump and land inside the shape of an outline on the wall. Very funny

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