Same Same, but Different

February 25th, 2010

Hello and Welcome to another soothing episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to be turned into a relaxing bedtime CD for insomniacs. It has worked on all users except those already delirious with exhaustion, that when given to them they used it as a pillow.

Segway into bed and that is where I am now with part of me wishing I was in Vegas. Not for the nightlife, the gambling and the 99cent shrimp cocktails; but because that is where two of my good friends Dave and Nath have gone to hang out with other friends of mine – PJ, Jim and Yancy, Rob, Nat etc. Yes it is Napkin Conference and it starts today. If you missed out then never do it again and go in 2011.

Today’s episode is deep, with a twist of lemon and it is called:

“Same Same, but Different”

Thailand is where you will hear the first half of this saying. The people who own shops at the markets or on the side of the road will try and connect with their potential customers. Generally they will pick out a feature “you have black hair” and then point to their own hair “Same Same”. The funniest is when they introduce a topic hoping for a ‘yes’… “Hey, you like ACDC?” “Ummm, yeah”…”Same same, black and black, same same”. This is a really clever sales technique because as a tourist it is always nice to feel like you’re fitting in with the locals, even if they are trying to sell you something. A genius, maybe even one of the store owners coined the phrase “Same Same, but Different” to be a national quote to appear on t-shirts that are sold for $8; or $12 if you are really bad at shopping.

How does this relate to anything. Well it relates to Vegas, more so my two very good friends Dave and Nath.

Nath is the Children’s Pastor for the Hills Campus of Hillsong Church, and Dave the Children’s Pastor of Hillsong Australia. So that makes Dave, Nathan’s boss and that makes Dave my…………..friend.

Now I am going to put an end to a popular belief that is around for years. Dave is not my boss, and I do not work for Hillsong. Don’t feel weird that you thought I did because you are one of a million other people that think the same. I get twitter messages saying “I chatted to your boss today” and I am left thinking “how in the world do you know Isabella?” Now I don’t want you to think I would not like to work for Dave because that would be an honor, but I know all the people who work for Dave and he only has the best of the best and I am not quite at their level yet.

Deep down though I think Dave really wants to be my boss. One time I was buying him some Thai food and he requested that I ask for extra cashews. I said that I am not sure if you can get extra cashews and he said “tell them your boss really wants them”, to which I retorted “how about I tell them that somebody’s boss wants them!”

Now I do a lot of work for Dave on my days off and I love it. I work from Sunday to Thursday and I generally spend Friday’s with Dave working on projects. In a lot of ways on those days I feel like one of the staff, not a guest but a part of the team. The only problem is Sunday comes and I can’t be around. I plan well in advance for our big events to take time off to be there but more often that not things will come up that I am invited to but are unable to make. There have been so many times I have missed out on things that I really wanted to be a part of but I was not able to do due to my commitments. I want to be the same as my two mates, but I am different.

There are a lot of people out there in my shoes and I want to say this – it is ok to be Same Same, but Different. In fact, the fact that you are different makes what you do special. Maybe you can only help out 4 hours a week even though you want to do more -well that is ok. Start seeing yourself as a specialist. It takes a lot of skill to do what you do: having a job, going to school or uni, having a family, then still finding time to invest into something else worthwhile. It is great to be the same, but it is also great to be different.

So what do I do as my full time job? Well, the guy who is commonly known as Funny Man Dan to many people, is currently a Bank Manager. Talk about different.

Have Fun


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5 Responses to “Same Same, but Different”

  1. Jamie Doyle Says:

    Kind of like certain blog designs: same, same
    but different because… well, just because – right?

    As always – love the post and appreciate your heart and willingness to share all this stuff. Have a great weekend!

  2. Demyana Says:

    I spoke to your boss today… i think she wanted more full apps :)

  3. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Ha ha.

    Yep, that sounds like my real boss.

    In fact that sounds like all bosses (including me).

  4. Linda Orr Says:

    Been trying to work out how to get to your Thursday blog and finally did the link from Nath….so glad I did. Yes I think between you and me we corner most of Hillsong Church who think we are under employment!!!
    I love being same, same but different! It gives you a very interesting view.

  5. Nathan "Dave's Employee" McLean Says:

    This is absolutely brilliant Dan! The fact that soo many people think you (and Linda) are paid staff is a credit to how you can own the vision of The House and treat it as if it is your life calling not just a job (because it is your life calling and it isnt your job…ha!)

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