Prime Time Birthday Special

February 18th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another cork-popping episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to have a prime-time 3 hour birthday special.

As with all birthday shin digs, when it comes to the speeches there are 3 common factors. They are always funny, they are always meaningful and they are always long. I can guarantee the last factor is in play, as I asked some readers to write a small testimony and I received three-paged epistles. Also because of the calibre of the people who wrote in I can guarantee the first factor and even a bit of the second.

So strap in for the biggest Thursday Blog episode you have ever seen and to ensure you read it right to the end I put Jim Wideman there. Hey no skipping forward. Jim is like Santa, he knows…..

First cab off the rank is my good friend Sam Luce. We both feel like nerds when we say that because Sam is the only one of the group I haven’t met face to face. Oh yes, we are an internet couple…. I mean mates!!!!

“Over Christmas my wife and I put on a few extra pounds. We were reading your blog post about weight loss and the most amazing thing happened. By the time we got to the end of the post we both had lost 20 pounds thanks to the miraculous Thursday Blog. I may not be your ‘biggest’ fan now but I am definitely the ‘biggest loser’ who reads your blog. Thanks FMD.”

Yancy Richmond is a rock star. I am not just saying that because I know her like an office lady who’s friend competed in “idol” and got through to the 2nd round along with 12,000 other people, so the office lady brags she knows a rock star.

“Until reading ‘The Thursday Blog’ my life was just cold, boring and so not Australian. I’d always looked up to Lucy. You know the vetavitavegamin red-head but I never met her face to face and she never had a blog either so that’s why it’s easy for me to cast my vote for the best funny blog ever. Funny Man Dan makes the world a happier and better place, at least on Thursdays or sometimes Wednesdays when he posts early. He might not smash grapes with his feet but I’m sure he eats Vegemite cause that’s what Aussies do. I know he’s a fan of the Tim Tam Slam. He has personally provided not only instruction but Tim Tam’s to me and my family and they were really good. Just another reason I trust the words of FMD. I salute The Thursday Blog. Happy Birthday. Maybe FMD could shoot a video of Tim Tam Slam for your U.S. viewers/readers to enjoy.”

Natalie Miller is one part of a very amazing show called Sally Squad, but as you can tell by the name she is not the star of the show. I sent a request for Nat to write but it was intercepted by my good friend Sally and instead she wrote in. What an honour.

“Life in a suitcase can be dull and rather restricting. Natalie takes me out on occasion but otherwise it is a tough life being a puppet (cue violins). Thank goodness for my weekly survival guide – the Thursday Blog. Without FMD’s latest inspiring blog, I just wouldn’t make it through another week! Sally from The Sally Squad.”

Barry Newton is best known as his alter ego Squirt the Clown, and is an incredibly funny children’s performer. Funny as in ha ha, and also funny as in slight nervous laughter as you are not quite sure what is he going to do. The 2nd type of funny is present in his response.

“My Parents-In-Law were terrible, seriously cranky and she was a shocking cook. I couldn’t see a way out of my dilemma since the local police took my taser away after our last family ‘incident’.

Then, smack bang in the middle of my week, I read The Thursday Blog’s entry on “The Inner Workings of a Criminal Mastermind”. Then it hit me! Call it inspiration, desperation, intimidation; call it what you will but I felt my life being guided toward a solution.

I drove to my local Bingo Parlour, dropped the In-Laws off at reception, did a whip round of the rooms till I found a couple I liked, hurried to the car and got out of there like a pygmy villager running from a lavaflow. The wash-up is that we are on the run, eating off the dash of the car and bathing in public pools but the silver lining is that my new ‘In-Laws’ are very well mannered, calm, quiet and her Risotto is pretty good.

Thank you Dan! YOU are my inspiration! Squirt the Clown.”

David Wakerley is a very special man and not just the kind of special that will get him parking spaces close to the shops. He has guest blogged for The Thursday Blog, had an episode dedicated to him and he also has the whole world think he is my boss. I do look up to Dave with the 8cm of extra height he has and I was expectant that his testimony would be one of the most encouraging paragraphs of writing in history.

“The year was 1996 and I had just finished high school. After the emotional rollercoaster that was graduation I returned to the home I shared with four other people… let’s call them my family… because that’s who they were. I pulled my New Kids on the Block tape out of my Walkman, took off my hammer pants and flopped onto the couch to catch up on some Macgyver on the VCR. That’s when it hit me like that Boys 2 Men song, ‘I had come to the end of the road’… What was I going to do from here? Where was my life going?

Well, there being no Google my only option was the local library. Thirty minutes later I sat in front of the microfiche machine and after seven hours I made a startling discovery.

There hidden behind archived newspapers and well researched academia with it’s lucid and well referenced source material with precise conclusions and logical conclusions was a hidden gem.

The Thursday Blog would not appear for well over a decade but here it was in glowing green and black… an article disscusing the future of this network called the ‘internet’. Well I got the heck out of there, found me some dial up and signed up for a hotmail account.

What does this have to do with Funny Man Dan and the Thursday Blog? Only the good Lord knows, and let’s be honest he’s slightly confused about the whole thing as well.”

Rob Bradbury is a nut case . Sure he is one of the most well-respected and highly sought-after children’s ministry speaker in the world, but if you ever get the chance to spend a day with him it will be the most amount of fun you will ever have.

“For many years now I have had a strong aversion to Thursdays. Every Wednesday my skin would become clammy and I would break into a sweat as the clock raced towards that day of dread that kept resurfacing with mechanical precision, THURSDAY.

It all goes back to when I was a little boy, my dog Boofer was dognapped from our backyard. I tried to sleep that night, but simply couldn’t. One week on and Boof still wasn’t found, I lit a ‘Smacko’ in the backyard in remembrance of the mighty K9.

Sadly I never saw Boof again. For some bizarre fictional reason, Thursday’s had become the day I had connected with the loss of my old mate. I renamed Thursday, Boof Day. My calendar was even modified to M T W B F S S

And so it continued, every Thursday, er Boofday I thought it might always be that way, I thought Boofday would forever be a downer.

But then I heard about a blogĀ - a blog like no other! A blog filled with awe and wonder, history, geography, home economics 101 and sudoku. A bog that sent my brain racing like a rollercoaster at Movie World. This blog was created by a friend to the universe, FMD.

Thankyou Dan for bringing some fun back into my Thursdays, thankyou for your wisdom and crosswords, and Boof if you’re out there read the blog!”


I was very nervous the first time I met Jim Wideman. I was standing next to Dave (who had met him before) and he said hello and didn’t introduce me. I stood on the outside of the conversation for 5 minutes looking like a helpless puppy until Jim realised that Dave had not done his job properly and he introduced himself. The next time I saw him I politely said “Hello Mr Wideman” and he said “Boy, do I look like my father? My name is Jim”. Finally when he busted Nathan McLean’s chops for going shopping for ‘tops’, a long lasting friendship was born.

“Dan, Congratulations on the birthday of the Thursday Blog (my personal favorite blog on the internet). I don’t know what I’d do without the Thursday Blog in my life. It was the inspiration for my new book ‘Beat The Clock-Effective Strategies for Time Management’. In fact for the past 30 years Dan has been mentoring me in many areas of ministry, business, life, Tim Tam-Slamming and many other areas. You see I get the Thursday Blog on Wednesday’s which gives me the edge I need each week and puts me a day ahead. I’ve found by reading the Thursday Blog it gives me the hope to carry on when I’m about to run out of gas from the weight of the heaviness of life, that being a Children’s Ministry Guru can cause. Thanks Dan! I’ll never forget you taking me to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – it was fun to jump off screaming like schoolgirls. I’ll never forget how cold the water was. It is a memory I’ll never forget, in fact, that and ‘Top Shopping’ with Nath McLean made my trip to Australia perfect. So here’s to the Thursday Blog my personal leadership secret that has made a difference in my life.”

So that concludes The Thursday Blogs Birthday Celebration. Over the last 52 weeks This Blog has seen over 60,000 visits from 32 countries and I want to say thank you to each and every one of you. So as another year comes around I have nothing to say but those famous words..

Have Fun


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6 Responses to “Prime Time Birthday Special”

  1. rob Bradbury Says:

    Happy Birthday Danster, nice pic of Boof

  2. jim wideman Says:

    Happy Birthday, Funny Man Dan! I am glad you are my friend!

  3. sw Says:

    So is it the The Thursday Blog’s birthday or FMD’s!?? Either way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  4. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Its the Blogs Birthday.

    Sam do you read these blogs or just skim and get the gist of it.

    Ha ha, loved having you with us throughout the year.

    Have Fun


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    [...] which can mean only one thing. My friend the slightly humorous Funny Man Dan has posted his weekly thoughts on his blog. To celebrate one year of the Thursday Blog I have written a moving tribute to the man [...]

  6. Jamie Doyle Says:

    Happy B-day to the Thursday Blog

    I enjoy reading it immensely -So, keep it going for another 52!

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