“Extra – Ordinary”

February 11th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another soothing episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to be made into a range of relaxing essential bath products. There is a huge range of soaps, oils, bubble bath, and body butter all made with bits of recycled paper with that beloved Blog written on it. Customers around the world have commented that not only do they feel relaxed but they also feel calm about situations in their lives where they don’t know what to do. That is because they are relaxing themselves in The Thursday Blog – your mid-week guide to life.

Did anyone realise that the whole first paragraph was just to be able to use the catch phrase. I am so vain…….. I bet I think this blog is about me. Well it is!

Speaking about this Blog and about myself being vain I want to invite you all to The Thursday Blog 1st birthday party!!! Next week will mark the 52nd post and will finish off a great year of world class posts. I have been inundated with requests from people to share their testimonies of how this blog has helped them over the year, so I am going to let them post next week. There will be celebrations, food, a live band, fireworks, monstertrucks, F11 jets and a random peddler selling hot dogs. I will see you and all of your friends, family and neighbours there.

Now why would someone like me think that you would bring everyone you know to read next weeks post? Well I will tell you in this weeks episode called:

“Extra – Ordinary”

I have always been a big fan of musicals. When I was in college (years 11-12) our school was famous for its big productions. Now I know a lot of people say that but we really were. In a town of 25,000 we played 10 shows over 2 weeks with all nights and most matinees sold out with about 700 people (that is all that could fit). We put on a musical every two years so students got to be in at least one. When it was my turn I didn’t get the lead role of Adam in “The Children of Eden” instead I got the role of the Snake or more commonly known as the devil himself. I had one scene, one song and one hell of a dance routine (pun intended). The final night I gave it everything I had and when I finished my song on one knee with Eve sitting on my other (after singing the highest and most powerful note of my life), the crowd burst into a roar. This was a big moment in my life.

The very next day I woke up very late after a long cast party, where I did behave myself (except for getting my hair shaved off), and had nothing amazing to do. Every day for a week I was working on my routine to perform it that night to the joy of the crowd, but that day I didn’t need to practice because I was not performing that night. The buzz of the performance had started to wear off and I was worried about just how ordinary life was becoming. I didn’t want an ordinary life, but an extraordinary one, however it was starting to look like that was not the case. Then I had a flash back.

2 years earlier I was in the same theatre – not on stage but in the audience. The play was called Pippen and my brother was in the band. It was a fantastic show that had everything. There was one song that always stuck in my mind called “Extraordinary”. It was not the lyrics of the song that stuck but the way it was sung. They prounced the word “Ex -tra -ord -inary” and that was only because it fit well with the timing of the song; but it caused a thought that I still have with me today.

Extraordinary is spelt “extra” “ordinary” but what I don’t get is that that would mean something would have more of the ordinary. I have been told it means adding extra to your ordinary but that is not how the language works. If you put extra in front of a word it means you get more of that word. Then I realised that that is exactly what it means.

We shouldn’t be chasing around for the next big thrill but looking at doing the same ordinary things and doing more of it. Marriage is the perfect example. After I married my beautiful Princess we started doing the most ordinary things together. Washing up, cleaning the house, reading, watching movies, and talking; but over the years of doing more and more of those things we have built an extraordinary marriage.

Don’t be chasing quick highs just to be let down soon after, but learn to enjoy more and more of the ordinary and look to what extraordinary heights it will take you to.

Have Fun.


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4 Responses to ““Extra – Ordinary””

  1. rags Says:

    happy anniveraaary thursday blog…. B sides the calm bathy feeling the blog always makes me feel like i am taking myself too seriously no matter how not seriously i was taking myself… Seriously – rags

  2. Paul Orton Says:

    Washing up with my wife is where it’s at!

    The more we pursue the sometimes ‘overseen’ in the ordinary, the more we discover the lasting wealth those things really hold.

    It’s in ordinary moments that we can get the clearest indication of where we are really at.

    Thanks Dan!

  3. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Well put Paul.

    You should of told me that Wednesday so it could of been in the post :)

    Have Fun


  4. Sarah Says:

    I’ve always thought about how the word ‘extraordinary’ seems to contradict itself… But I love your insight into what ‘extra-ordinary’ is really all about- and now I can rest knowing that the English language hasn’t failed us yet!

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