“Head Bashers”

February 4th, 2010

Hello everyone and welcome to another fighting episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to be used in a war. It was the 1600′s when the tiny country of Gardoona was being invaded by the rebel guerrilla of their land. The Gardoonian people were famous at that time for their rich country side; bountiful supply of mango trees; and the amazing advancement in technology to have access to the internet. When the Gardoonian people were under fire by the rebels they printed off a copy of The Thursday Blog and made it into a flag. The rebels seeing a white flag celebrated but when they got closer realised it was not the surrender flag, but the beloved Blog. Mesmerised by the wonder of the Blog they laid down their weapons and sat down to listen to their leader read it out. The Gardoonians picked up their weapons and surrounded the rebels about to pounce and capture them all, but respectfully waited until the leader of the rebels had read “Have Fun. Dan”. The Gardoonians then lived in peace until a year later when they discovered email and got sent a virus that killed them all. That is why no one today has heard of the country.

What a monster intro. I was having trouble starting this episode but then got into the intro and now I am halfway there. I have been doing a lot of writing this week. I wrote a post about Performing Skills and decided to give it away to whoever wanted it and some of them posted it on their blogs. The people who posted the episode were, Eric, Eduardo, Sam and Jamie. You can click on their names to see the blog and if you click on Jamie’s don’t freak out like I did when I saw his blog, because it has the same theme as this one except his has a picture of Chuck Norris.

I had the day off today because I was owed a day for working too many days previously, but instead of sleeping in I spent the day doing my other job/hobby/community service/hanging with a good mate/thing I seem to spend a lot of time doing. That is spending time with my friend Dave and that segways nicely to this week’s episode:

“Head Bashers”

A lot of people on the internet know David Wakerley because I think he was the 7th person on it. He has been blogging at www.davidwakerley.com before WordPress was around and was twittering way before it was taken over by Ashton Kutcher. Dave is like chalk and I am like very attractive cheese. He gets very angry at me for writing episodes in the most used writing program in the world – “Word” – and I get very angry at him for not using a money-maximising device called a budget. We have some similarities though, like we are both massive and loyal Nintendo fans, but in the most part we are extremely different and that is why I spend one of my days off a week with him creating scripts, videos, productions and sometimes salads.

Dave is an intriguing character for many reasons but the reason I go back every week to him is that he has a thick head. I was going to add after “metaphorically speaking”, but I thought it was funnier if I left it out. Dave is not afraid to let me know if he doesn’t like my idea and is brave enough to defend it. I could have an idea that I have puts hours of effort into and he will say “it’s not doing it for me”. Then the games begin and with ego’s aside (sometimes), we will bash heads until something amazing is created. Every time without fail the idea is stronger or completely different and better; and it takes the constant working, moulding, shaping, and breaking that happens in a good head bash.

Who is someone in your life that you run ideas past and have to really sell it and defend it? Do you have just positive people who love anything you do and even if it is not your best they will still praise you? I hate being encouraged when I know I can do better. It is like you’re learning to juggle and you can juggle 3 balls for a minute and you show someone and you drop it in 5 seconds and they say “That was great”. What is the point?? If we celebrate mediocrity you will be easily pleased but rarely satisfied.

We all need someone who is brave enough to bash heads in all areas of our life. In my personal life my Princess will not let me get away with sloppy thinking or mediocre options and she will make me believe in my ideas, and takes time to help me challenge them. This has brought so much life to our relationship and our family that wouldn’t of happened if ideas were left unchallenged.

Yes sometimes you may need some Panadol or Tylenol but it is the only way to get ahead.

I can’t believe I finished on a pun.

Have Fun


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5 Responses to ““Head Bashers””

  1. Jamie Doyle Says:

    Finishing on a pun is strong my friend – go a few more weeks and do it again… shakes stuff-up, don’t you think?

    Thanks for the blog plug and the warning to potential readers!

    This episode is near and dear to me, because – I have the title of pastor in front of my name (as I’m sure many readers of this blog are blessed with). Therefore, i think most “churchy” folks feel the need to appease me no matter what I say or suggest. I desire the healthy critique of others in my life. Having a few friends and mentors a distance away is one way. However, you can only do so much via e-mail, Face book and phone conversations.

    So, I try to gather with others locally as well – it’s tough finding that certain someone who will be blunt, honest but helpful!

    Great episode -thanks (I have no pun to end on!)

  2. Travis Says:

    The end pun was totally worth it.
    I thought it was quite punny.

  3. David Wakerley Says:

    Hmm… yeah, about the post Dan… just not feelin’ it.

    Maybe if you ended with:

    “It’s your job to deal with your own headaches because I already have Migraine”


  4. Dan lee-Archer Says:

    Well I could of my friend my in the Sprit of the post I am going to disagree.

    I could say “great comment” expect for the one little thing, that I Rebuke it.

    1. I rebuke that I have a Migraine because my body is in perfect health and
    2. You are feeling the post and you know it.

    Admit it Dave, when you grow down you want to be just like me.

  5. rob Bradbury Says:

    Ah yes the The Gardoonians,

    I’m surprised you neglected to mention they were also producers of the original crocs, hesian underpants and had a healthy respect for caramelised sardines…

    Anyway great blog mate
    you are such a unique gift to the body, i LOVE IT!!

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