Detox, Weight-loss and Wii Fit

January 28th, 2010

Hello and welcome to another funky episode of The Thursday Blog, the only blog in history to have a disco dance move named after it.

Well what a week it has been. I just got back from a roadtrip with one of my best friends who is on his way to Korea; I completed the final 6 days of my detox diet (I will explain below;, I went rockclimbing; I bought and had installed air condition in my home; my Princess bought an oven; I went mini-golfing; and I even found time to go to work! Also something exciting happened for my friends in #kidmin (if that is not you or you don’t know what it is feel free to slip to the paragraph before the episode title). The next offical #kidminchallenge has started. Check out my friend Sam Luce’s blog for all the details.

Seeing I am on the topic of #kidmin I might as well tell you two other things before I get all the other readers back. First I am offering my services as a writer to any #kidmin blog that wants it. The Thursday Blog is a blog about life so I don’t have the platform to talk about things that are #kidmin specific, but if you do then I have a episode that you can have that will be done in the next week. It is all about developing your presentation and performance skills in your ministry. If you want it then you can DM me your email on twitter or just email me on Secondly and more excitingly I have been asked by the legend himself PJ to be a part of Napkin Conference 2011. If you don’t know what the Napkin Conference is then look it up and register for this year. This year will be great and it is the only conference where you will be able to meet the creative genius from Hillsong Kids – Dave Wakerley, and the leadership and team-building guru from the same place – Nath McLean.

Welcome back everyone. Inspired by last weeks revelation I set out to change a few things in an episode called:

“Detox, Weight-loss and Wii Fit”

So I started a 10-day detox diet last Sunday. This is not one of those fad ones where they say eat nothing but this special water drink that we only sell for $48 a litre; but is a diet designed to rid your body of all the toxins it has been collecting for a very long time. So I didn’t starve, in fact I ate more food then I ever have, but it was only fruit, veggies, some nuts and seeds and that is it. No meat, no dairy, no bread, no eggs, no sugar and no fun. 10 days of being full on lettace but feeling hungry awaited me. But it would be all worth it if I achieved my Wii Fit goal.

Ahh yes the Wii Fit, my arch nemesis. Let me give you a bit more of a background on how my goal started. After it pointed out that I was overweight and I needed to do something about it, I set myself a goal of losing 3kg (6.6lb) in one month and set about training. Well it was a slow start, with doing no exercise and eating a whole block of chocolate, and the next day I found out that that had put on 1.4 kg so I now needed to lose 4.4kg (9.7lb). The Wii Fit rubbed it in my face and made me pick a reason why I put on weight. I then got to work and ate better and exercised hard. I tested myself the next day and I had lost 0.8 of a kg. Instead of my Wii Fit celebrating, it told me if I weighed myself at different times in the day my weight can fluctuate 1kg (2.2lb) therefore this weight-loss dodn’t really count (even though it was 15 mins after the same time the previous day).

Once again angry, I yelled at it “Get under my feet you evil thing”…and then realised that it already was.

Over the next 2 days my weight was up and down but I managed to lose another kg, however I still had another 2kg to go before my deadline and then I started my detox diet. This wasn’t planned, I had wanted to start it one day, and I got up on a Sunday and couldn’t find anything to take for lunch so I thought “ok, let’s start now”…I only found out later that the last day of the diet was my weight-loss due date.

A detox does funny things to your body. After completing one day I did my test and found out that I had put on 0.1kg. A little bit disappointed even though I knew it took a few days to see results, I went to contemplate life on the toilet. Well the detox was definitely getting rid of the bad things inside and I had what can only be described as a monster session in there. Afterwards, I had a crazy idea and I repeated my weight test. Well the detox was working because from before the toilet to after the toilet I had lost…………..0.5kg (1.1lb).

After 10 grueling days it came to the last day of my diet and my goal was up in the air. Did I achieve it or did I fail because the previous day I still hadn’t got there. I weighed in and over the month trying to lose 4.4kg I………………..lost 5.1kg (11.5lb).

As for the Wii Fit? It celebrated that I reached my goal and then said it was worried how quickly I lost the weight. Don’t worry guys, I am standing on it right now, stepping hard.

Have Fun and eat lettace!


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  1. Jamie Doyle Says:

    congrats on the goal – and reaching it!

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